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Default Empire will be COMING

Ok im gonna rant here about my soon to become empire. Its gonna help out tf so i think its gonna be good lol.
First come out of university as robotics engineer. Make 50 grand a start for 3 years then to 80. Canadian of ource, thats how much it pays very good. Build a tech shop. called Xt's Tech kingdom. get someone to work full time and handel all the money. now 2 years later expand get 5 people to work there. now im gonna be providing good jobs. for every comp you repair 75% of our labour cost goes to you. which is going to be at 75% of 30$. so good pay and all money on labour jobs on a build very good isn't it. (but i ge administration costs on the parts lol) Now make 2 more of these shops. Now at age 31 im going to play stock markit which i will make 250 grand in lol. set up an other shop in montreal. and a paintball field in toronto called Xt's paintball madness Center. paying 15 an hour. Now im going to expand my empire into the states and have one shop and one paintball field for every state. Estimated income 500grand a year. lol and 10 grand will come to tf s no worries now im gonna go into schools and well tell kids about my fortunes as a tech how all techs ain't ugly lol and ain't geekish but even if they are geeks no bad people and can lift bla bla bla. Then gonna start a taxi company. called Xt's ride for pleasure. Now we will charge w/e normal is but when i pick someone uip in a cab the fair is free. same with my other business when i show up and say someone wants a comp fixed free of charge. yes very nice isn't it. money money money. Now im goning to buy the roadrunners(ahl team) and coach em. im now 41 have a hockey team piantball field/tech empire and a taxi company A very good life i wold say. (everyone who's on this site will get 1 GRAND yes when im in the money i will pick 1 person every month and 1 grand to u lol. theres my life comments lol

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sounds like a good plan....

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looks like ill be here for another 20 years...btw are you from Toronto (roadrunners)
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That actually hurt my brain to read but it's a good plan and I hope I win a grand one day!
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I've already started MY paintball business empire. HAHA! 'Postal Paintball & Topher's Tech Shop'. (Topher is a nickname that was given to me by an old friend.. my first name is Kristopher, I always have to be different so I hate being called Kris, so my friend started calling me Topher. [second half of my first name]) But anyway, it's fun running my own business (a lot of work, but fun) especially when it's something that was a hobby of mine. In addition to sales, I do a lot of custom work; camouflaging paintball guns/equipment, building custom guns, etc. (it's all the kind of stuff scenario players would love.)
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Topher is also the first name of the lead character on "That 70's Show".

You could say I've been around.
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