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jimmymcmahon 04-17-2004 01:12 PM

Computer *grinding* noise
Ok, lately my computer has been making alot of noise (grinding, hissing loudly), and I dont know why. The computer is working as good as it ever has, but the noises are so loud, that its hard to do anything without it distracting me.
Im getting it checked out soon, but heres a soundfile.
The mp3 is on there.
If anybody has any idea what this could be, Id be very happy to hear your opinion on it.

anarchy 04-17-2004 02:46 PM

I don't want to become a member to that site to listen to the sound but I have a pretty good idea what it is. Check to see if you put pressure on the fan in your computer, if it stops. It could just be that the actual blades in the fan have moved and are hitting the plastic that surrounds the fan. Check to make sure.

Erstad 04-17-2004 02:56 PM

I was able to hear the sound without having to join. Sounds like you need to replace the fan.

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