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Default Can someone help me out?

I have to do an information interview for one of my college classes. I was wondering if anybody could possibly take out the time to help me out, I would truly appreciate it.
First off these questions pertain to anyone who career is involved in Computer Technology( such as network admin, programmer, web site developer ect...)

1. What is your Job/Postion?

2. What are the qualifications for your postions?(education, exp..)

3. What duties/responsibilites are preformed?

4. What projects are currently under way, or problems being solved?

5. What is your typical day like?

6. What type of contacts are there, if any(personal, telephone ,e-mail) with other organizations?

7. What type of physical localities are involved: outdoors/indoors, travel? Is there pressure? Routine? Is overtime typical?

8. What type of benefits are there?

9. How does compensation compare to education level and ability?

10. What opportunitites are that for advance training?(on the job, tuition reimbursement)

11. What suggestions do you have for someone trying to enter to field?

12. What do you like most about your job?

13. What do you like the least?

14. What companies might employ individual to preform this type of work?

15. What training would you recommend of this job?

16. What is the salary range for a peron in this field?

17. What personal qualities do you think are most important for this job?

18. What are the opportunites for promotion?

19. Is this field expanding?

20. What related occupations are there?

Thank you very much for helping me out, and again I appreciate your time very much>

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Send a message via AIM to RyanOldw83

1. Network Technician
3. Server Maintenence, Technician
4. We are deploying another 100 computers across the domain.
5. I'm the senior admins *****.
6. There are alot of business to business relationships with paper suppliers, chain stores(Best Buy), etc.
7. Its a travel job. Start in a nice little office, go to a warehouse, go to some other random building.
Pressure? At times, Routine? It's a new adventure everyday. No overtime lately, but theres always a few weeks we get busy.
8. I travel alot, so i get reimbursed for mileage, 37.5 cents a mile, which in my car is like 75% profit. 401k, insurance, etc.
9. Considering i dont have a degree, just the certifications, I think $15 dollars is good for a 21y/o.
10. If i wanted to go back and say, get my degree, I could do it and they would reimburse me for it. Plus any other Certifications i want are paid for if i pass them.
11. NETWORK! Know alot of people and just try to get your foot in the door.
12. Im doing something I really enjoy, and get paid to do it.
13. The alarm waking me up in the morning.
14. Any that have a network.
15. At least A+, Net+, and some Microsoft Network Services hands on work.
16. Got me, I guess 30-100 thousand plus.
17. Good communication skills, and a good attitude with other people.
18. From where I am, there are many advancements that could await me, from Senior Technician, to Network Admin, only time will tell.
19. I think it is.
20. Help Desk, PC Repair, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks alot for your time. Any others that are willing to answer would also be helpful
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