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Old 06-20-2006, 01:42 PM   #11 (permalink)
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that makes it hard (almost impossible) for me to update my photoshop demonstrations, and Signature Desings...

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that makes it hard (almost impossible) for me to update my photoshop demonstrations, and Signature Desings...
PM a mod in that forum, or supermod, and they can edit it for you.


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I did.... DMo has been moding it for me...

he has yet to add my latest revisions though...
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Old 06-20-2006, 04:46 PM   #14 (permalink)
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I'll do some more checking into the admin email account. I also wrote an email there today and it bounced.

Juice, I thought the latest revision was added in. I sent you an email.

I can see it's use in the other forums, where maybe a user wants to cover his/her tracks of stupidity or change the facts around or something, I can see the admin wanting to prevent secretive behavior like that.
This has also happened in the BST forum when members have tried to change the deals that they offered and someone accepted.

But, in the buy/sell forum, information changes constantly. Price changes, item additions, sale statuses, etc. This information should be readily available at the first post (this is customary in most every forum with a buy/sell/trade section). ....THIS is why it is customary to edit the first post in the thread, notifying people about changes of stock, price, sale status, etc. The thread title can be changed to say "updated on *date*", and more traffic sees the thread.
First, if you didn't edit the title of the thread within 5 minutes of posting, you were not able to edit the title. And even if you could edit the title, this might draw attention to the thread or might not. However, it may get lost since the thread was not bumped and there is a large amount of threads being added. So, the title changes and the thread is on page 2 or 3 or further back and the change made no difference. It's debatable, no solid proof, that more traffic goes to a thread because of a title change.

The positiveness of this change may lie in something that most members will never see, or hopefully never see, since this change has been due to problems arising from allowing the change. Of the forums that I frequent (quite a few), it is not customary to allow changes in any thread after a certain amount of time (generally 24 hours). It is something that has been allowed here for quite awhile but the change was recently made.

Then, the message stating the time limit tells me to email the admin's email addy, which does not exist. GREAT system we have in place here on this forum...
Thanks for letting us know that the system is not working properly with the email. Of course, there is another way to contact the admin (by looking on the Forum Leaders page and sending a PM or email to a specific one), but I thought everyone knew by now who the Admin in Charge is since I get so many emails.

I am posting this here so that the forum can be improved, and I am providing 100% valid reasons for my request.
I can see the validity of your request, but it is by far not 100% valid since you may not see the underlying reasoning for the change. Thanks for your request. I hope that when we update our software that this will be something that we can reconsider for the BST forum. However, with recent ativity being as it has been, I'm not sure if it will change.

We could raise that time, but it wouldn't be for more than 48 hours. I don't think that would do much good for most people that want to change their initial post.


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Old 06-20-2006, 07:27 PM   #15 (permalink)
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Thanks for your input - the other forums I frequent (head-fi.org, iphotoforum.com, fredmiranda.com) all allow changes to the thread titles and edits to the posts. When an item is sold, this is posted in the title of the thread as well as the first post of the thread. If items are added, this can be mentioned in the title, even if a simple "updated: *date*" line is used.

I just feel bad that my 360 controller is in my "networking stuffs" thread. Obviously, the controller is not networking equipment, and I already have two threads out. I know how some members can be if somebody makes three different buy/sell threads within a couple days.

Thank you very much though.

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