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Old 04-27-2011, 09:45 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tech-Forums App?!?

okay... "just an observation" --- just a simple, purely non bias observation. Okay.. a few of them.

1) android process was short, quick, simple. The instructions were short and simple. It just seemed fast and much EASIER than I thought it would be. (much of this has to do with the vb mobile suite)... but the things I did... all went smoothly for the android app.

2) the iphone process.... well,
a) the download zip file for the app is 12 meg vs. the 2 meg for android (WTF, 6 times as big?)
b) vb tells me i'm the only one with an issue of downloading it... turns out it was trendmicro causing an issue ( firewall was doing something)
c) ios developer ($100 bucks) vs. android developer ($25 bucks)
d) amount of time to get all the stuff filled out and signed in, etc. etc. ios= 2 different logins and still waiting for some approval and still much more to fill out AFTER i get approved vs. a few minutes for android

hopefully, the iphone app goes faster/quicker/easier after the approval. as with android, a few minutes to upload and BAMM... it was in the market place.

so.... the TF iphone app is coming... stay tuned

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Default Re: Tech-Forums App?!?

^LOL, made my day

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Default Re: Tech-Forums App?!?

From what I read it can take up to 6 weeks for the App to be approved by Apple to appear on their AppStore. So it looks like those with an iOS device will have to wait around 6 weeks before they can enjoy what us Android users have instant access to.
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Default Re: Tech-Forums App?!?

Quality control is not a bad thing.
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Default Re: Tech-Forums App?!?

getting closer....
wow... this process is long and lots of stuff to fill in and do, etc.

currently downloading a 4.3 GIG file -- the 'xcode and ios sdk'
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Default Re: Tech-Forums App?!?

okay... after doing the process "slow and go"...
one odd snag (issue was going from pc to mac )

the iphone app has been submitted and received by the app store....

and now....
we wait.

hopefully it doesn't take forever?

i will get email ( i can check the status), but for now...
"upload received"

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Default Re: Tech-Forums App?!?

I'm excited
Any chance we will see an iPad specific version?
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Default Re: Tech-Forums App?!?

Originally Posted by Yami View Post
I tried taking a screenshot, but by default on my phone that involves pressing the back and home button together, which meant I either took a screenshot of the app with a logout prompt covering it, or closing the app :P That's Samsung's fault ofc, not whoever developed this (couldn't find any Credits or About).

Anyway, thanks very much This will make it much easier for us to use T-F when on mobile, and perhaps act as a good advert.

Edit: Performing this edit on my phone, and WOW posts load fast - much faster than on my desktop.
I use drocap2... works for me; there's 3 different ways to activate the trigger for screenshots too. It does require root though, I believe.

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