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Lord Techie
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Default Reviewers Wanted

Along with all the changes taking place recently I hope you all have noticed the Review Section located on the Tech-Forum homepage. While it may take you a few tries before you actually find a review, we do have a few posted. Our goal is to have a Review Section that will provide you with an honest, well written evaluation on the newest products in a variety of PC and Tech related categories. In order to achieve this goal Tech-Forums needs to assemble a team of honest reviewers who are knowledgeable in these areas.

We are looking for Reviewers in every PC and Tech related area. The last thing I want to do is refuse a review sample because we don't have a qualified reviewer to handle the evaluation. While having the latest up to date equipment can be a plus, it is not always required to review a product. Many review samples are designed to work with older tech as well as the latest and greatest.

To be perfectly honest, it is easier to obtain review samples for US based reviewers. This does not mean you have to be from the US in order to be a reviewer. It just means I'll need to find manufacturers that have offices in your country or that are willing to ship to your country.

You must be able to write a review that is interesting and professional. We will edit every review as needed but you must have some writing skills.

You must own a camera or have access to a camera that can take a clean, sharp image. A tripod is almost mandatory and some small studio lamps (optional) can make a big difference. You must also have a basic knowledge of image manipulation using a program like Photoshop, Paint.Net or The Gimp.

Some products may require some specialized test equipment in order to evaluate them. You will be required to own or have access to any equipment needed for the product you have requested to review. A Multimeter, dB meter, Digital Thermometer are a few examples of some of the equipment that may be needed.

You must be an honest, well respected member of the Tech-Forum Community. I won't specify a required post count because 500 meaningful posts are as good or better than a 1000 Hello's. I will say this, the Tutorials and Member Review Sections are a great place to show off your skills.

These are not paid positions though you will be able to keep the majority of the review items. If an item must be returned to the manufacturer you will be informed before the review process begins.

If you are interested in joining the team please email me at dan at The email Subject Heading must say Potential Reviewer. You must include your name, forum name, age, address, email address, phone number, system specifications, links to any examples of your writing abilities and any other information you feel will benefit your chances of joining the team. Your email, in it's entirety, will be posted in the Staff Section for the selection process. If you don't want everyone to see it, don't type it.

If you are going to apply please post your intentions in this thread so I can make sure your email doesn't wind up in my Spam Folder.

Do Not Post Your Information Here

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The Water Cooling Guru
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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

I'll shoot an application over though it me be tough for me to find a sample of my work as the sites I have done reviews for in the past has ceased to exist.

I'll see if I can't dig it up off one of my old hard drives.

EDIT: The Windows 7 search is surprisingly good and was able to find some old emails with some drafts of my previous reviews.

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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

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Lord Techie
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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

Bump, we only have (2) members interested???
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Hyper Techie
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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

I'm very, very interested but pretty unexperienced. I'll shoot you an application and see what happens. Would rather try and fail than not try.
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The Bulldog
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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

I'm interested. I have a reputation on the forums and IRL for being brutally honest. I'll toss together an application next opportunity I get.

<<<<<<<Rep is always welcome
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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

I'm very interested unfortunately between work and school I don't have enough time to do a proper job of it. Once the semester is over I would love to help out though.

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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

I'm interested...

edit: App sent
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I don't overclock
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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

when is the deadline to apply?
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Lord Techie
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Default Re: Reviewers Wanted

Originally Posted by Fat.Clown View Post
when is the deadline to apply?
When I feel like it.

It could take sometime to decide on the candidates and we need a variety of different system types to cover all the angles. So it could take quite a while before the Team is complete.

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