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Default Into the future...

First of all, I know that everyone can not be pleased with everything all the time. All of us know that. A perfect example of that is the upgrade from the old held-together-by-a-string-and-a-prayer vB software that we had to the new vB software that we're now using.

I can remember the ol' days when Tech-Forums just started. I remember how it grew and many people joined to help with computer tech problems and some joined because of computer tech problems. As the forum grew, there were lots of changes that took place. Some of them were in the form of hacks to make it better, some new upgrades, new owners, lots and lots of changes.

In many ways, we didn't keep up with the changes. And some people wanted this change, some people wanted that change, and others wanted totally different changes. One of the things that most people wanted was an upgrade of the vB software. And it finally happened.

The vB upgrade was, and still is, far from perfect. There are those that told me they could have done it perfect in hours and it's too bad they weren't the ones making the upgrade. Some said that for the huge leap that we took, it was a wonder that anything worked. But we made the change, and as expected, some liked it and some did not like it. Please remember that we're still working on the bugs that we find, and some of that is a new learning experience in fixing.

So with this upgrade came alot of new systems. One system was the availability to use the infraction system. I apologize that all the changes were not publicly made known before instituted, and we as Forum Leaders had some growing pains, too.

But, we couldn't please everybody. Some chose to mention the bugs in a manner that encouraged more work; some chose to mention the problems by insults and other criticisms that were NOT constructive.

This is not a perfect world, and this is not a perfect forum. However, we are going to strive to make this a better forum everyday! And the speed of improvement and correction of bugs/errors may not match or exceed your expectations, but we are working on them. All I can say is that the Forum Leaders are trying to make this a better place.

Some will like the changes; some will not. There will be changes. So what will some of the changes be? Where are we headed? The Forum Leaders have even asked this question, so let me give you a brief, very brief, statement of where Tech-Forums is heading.

Visions of moving forward:
  • We're NOT heading for perfection, because we can't reach it, unless that's a place in Arizona (a little levity).
  • We're going to stay a Tech-Forum.
  • We're going to grow.
  • We're going to new technologies and we'll grow with those, too.
  • We're going to continue helping people of ALL knowledge levels.
  • We're going to a place that will try to get the gurus always thinking.
  • We're heading to a TF2 part that will not be public and will be populated by nominated, non-new members and will have sections to deal with more advanced technologies and more "radical" topics.
  • We are NOT going downhill in our rules, or becoming a place that will let anyone do anything. Chaos is not the place we're heading for.
  • We are going to use more of the newer vB capabilities, such as the Reputation System for example.
We are going on a trip that will make this a better place. Some think that it won't be better, and I know that better is a relative term.

At this time, there are several choices.
  1. You can stay as a member of Tech-Forums and try to make it a better place.
  2. You can also stay as a member and criticize and try to undermine the work that is being done.
  3. Another choice is to find a forum that is more to your liking (which, I personally don't want to see anyone leave).
  4. To a certain extent, it's your choice to how you want to treat the forum and each other.
My whole intent behind this note is to let everyone know that we are working to make this a better place and to encourage everyone to help us achieve that goal!

Thanks for your help.


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Default Re: Into the future...

Thanks for the state of the forum, Dave. I like seeing where Tech-Forums is headed, and I definitely want to help that process along. Things have come a long way since I first joined as n00b, and I would like to see this continue.

Growing pains? What an understatement... But we made it through, and we will keep on keepin' on.

I am here for the long haul, be it good, bad, or ugly.

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Default Re: Into the future...

I'm happy with everything, doing good
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Default Re: Into the future...

Uh what the forum is changing?

I hadn't noticed...
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Default Re: Into the future...

I am pretty sure most of the software bugs have been dealt with by now.

Most of what remains now are little things that cumulatively make this forum better.

Changes are being made. There will be people who don't like certain changes. We can't please everybody.

Aesthetics is one thing, which we will hopefully be able to improve, but it's not the most important thing.

There are also infractions. We [the mods] do not like giving infractions out, but it makes managing the forum easier, so we can better focus on more important aspects of the forum.

We are trying to grow and widen into newer technologies, to increase the knowledge base of tech forums and its members, while at the same time catering for less-knowledgeable members to have their questions answered

Basically, that means making this a place where more people will like spending their time. This is where we are trying to head.
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Default Re: Into the future...

Great write. I hope tech forums can continue to expand and grow as we strive to become better, but not perfect.
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Default Re: Into the future...

tech forums is a great place, and every time I log in (I try to stay loged all the time). The growing pains are something every sight has to deal with and by and large I think it has been well done.

DMo224, Is there a chance that you could make this sought of thread a regular thing? a state of the forum address while the upgrades are on going?
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Default Re: Into the future...

You may not see a "State of the Forum" address very often, but I do hope you regularly see announcements of how something is fixed, or we're starting something new (like the suggested reputation system which will come sometime in the near future).

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Default Re: Into the future...

I hope we can get things worked out here, and make it an even better place to come and get/give advice.
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Default Re: Into the future...

The only bug I have yet to figure out is the user name. If I click on the user name and hit view public profile, or send PM... I can't... It won't let me. if there is a work around, please let me know.


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