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Default Re: Re: Ideas to make TF more interesting?

Originally posted by Sw1tCh[FX]
and there aren't enough people in this forum that know what to talkabout when conversing about technology at that level, so the thread would swiftly dissapear in favor of threads with the title reminiscent of 'what graphic card should i get for under $200?'
I hear you man. .. That's why I suggested in a couple threads that we specifically have a sub-forum under hardware that deals with these "design type/new technologies" topics - as suggested by the forum title. Hopefully, this would've attacted people that are more knowledgeable about the "actual hardware" so to speak and would've possibly increased the status of TF as well.

But, the mods opted for a sub forum with the title "Other/Misc".. WHAT this subforum will contain is yet to be seen. And I guess due to the vagueness of the forum title, it will be heavily dependent on the majority member population. We'll see.. Hopefully, we'll be able to discuss interesting topics there. .. And hopefully it won't turn into yet another Off Topic "related to h/w"..

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About rep points, I feel they are a good idea, but the privelege to give the rep points should be granted only to mods, and maybe a few senior members who are believed by the powers that be to be trustworthy.


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There is a rep system in anothe rforum that i go to and its not so great. Ppl are always abusing it and new plp that come in will automaticaly have like -5 and -10 because ppl are just dumb. In any case i think its a bad idea. The chat back on TF would be nice and having a tech talk like conducters and resistors would be very nice and splitting all the vid card threads from the actual topics. All these threads are getting really anoying.
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im bringing back this old thread to comment on the rep points system. there's a forum i think they have a good system we can model after. It will prolly take a lot of mod activity tho.

Answering Questions
It doesn't take a lot to become an expert -- the mere action of commenting in a question makes you one as far as EE is concerned. But it takes a lot to become an Expert, and this page is all about that. Whether it's the points (and seeing your name in the top 15 of a topic area or two) or the pages of answered questions or just the email that says "Good Answer!", the whole point is to help people find out the information they need to resolve a problem.

Questions usually have more than one answer. Some people may just need a little memory-jogging to figure out a solution; others may require detailed explanations. Part of being an Expert is learning how to answer questions, and we hope this section will help you with that.

Experts Exchange wants to have the best information possible for its membership, and the Experts who provide answers to questions are integral to that. However, it is not the effort one puts into a question that makes it valuable or worth saving; it's the answer.

Understand the question
Understand the user's goal
Understand the user's level of expertise
Keep your answers clear
Use some common sense when posting
Read the question and all of the previous comments before posting
Be professional
Be prepared to follow up
Patience is a virtue
Avoid criticizing
Test your solution when appropriate

*more txt, follow link*
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on another forum ive seen karma.. basically u can give a point or take a point to or away from another member..the catch is u can only give or take one point every hour..this prevents idiots pointlessly taking as many points from some1 as possible...:|
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The rating system, when used properly, is a great system. I've used it at several forums.

The rating/reputation system is not in this version of vBulletin. I'm not sure if there's even a hack for it. I'll be doing some checking.


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