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gaara 01-14-2006 05:34 PM

Folding @ Home
Greetings and salutations, as many of you may or may not know tech forums has a folding team: a group of members who have affiliated themselves with this forum and actively participate in Folding@Home

Folding is a fairly simple uses availible system resources from your computer to help find cures for a number of problematic diseases by researching the folding of protein cells. The folding application is easy to install and use, and will never fight over resources when you have other demanding applications in use

For further reading:
Folding@Home Distributed Computing

How can you get involved?

Send a message to nitestick, Trotter or Ethereal_Dragon if you are interested in participating and if you have any questions/comments. Your name will be added to a list and in the future this list of people may very well receive added benefits from the forum

Then go ahead and download the client and follow the installation instructions. You will be prompted to enter the team number, which for Tech-Forums is 12864, as well as your username, and then you're done. Simply run the program whenever it is most convenient to you

The more you run it, the better it is both for the cause, and for the forum. There are thousands of forums which each have specific folding teams and they are ranked based on how much folding they can accomplish. The more folding we do, the more reputable our forum becomes. Furthermore, in the future, members who aggresively participate in folding@home activities may become eligible for certain privileges or benefits

Running the folding program will only cost you a bit more when it comes to the electric bill, but it's no more than running another small lightbulb in your house.

Why are we starting this again?

Folding@Home is an honourable cause and it only makes sense to support it when the end justifies the means. We have had an inactive and unmotivated folding team for far too long now and it's time that we change that and get on the map

What about signatures?

As you may know, Folding@Home has a specific image script you can display in your signature that shows your Folding@Home statistics. You may also be aware that our forum has rather strict signature rules (read), however, we are pleased to announce that members who participate in Folding@Home for our team are permitted to keep their existing abiding signature as well as the Folding image script.

For further reading, please refer to this

What other benefits do you receive?-Nitestick
I'm pleased to announce that we now have the F@H milestone clubs in place. There will be another thread posted in this forum which will contain all the members of each club. If you achieve a milestone we'll add your name to the list as a permanent reminder of your contribution, however the right to remove your name from the list is retained should you be banned or repeatedly break the rules etc. Check out the thread and userbars located here.Most importantly, KEEP FOLDING!!!


Edit by Nitestick
Trotter and myself (nitestick) have now taken over duties for maintaining the F@H team so if you have any questions about F@H or adding your name to the list, feel free to PM one of us rather than bothering Gaara or Dave (DMo224)

gaara 01-16-2006 09:58 PM

tech forums Folding @ Home Team
  • gaara
  • Shumway
  • Apokalipse
  • Elbatrop1
  • Qiranworms
  • Vybuni
  • reggie_da_man
  • DMo224
  • Trotter
  • talldude123
  • toxicity_27
  • Ethereal_Dragon
  • theprofessor17
  • Nukem
  • macdude425
  • Hygor
  • Nitestick
  • Spork_2.0
  • The_General
  • lazer_viking
  • joshd
  • MrZucchiniHead
  • Phate
  • b1gapl
  • mac_mogul
  • Ecniv
  • hilowe
  • gruntwerk
  • Woot7800GT
  • Pullyalater
  • srl5049
  • Chris_PC
  • King_X13
  • UU-Trifid
  • Reggie
  • Luke87
  • Jam3s_zer0
  • j369852147412
  • Disillusion
  • Preacher
  • m3trj
  • Homerj14
  • Ecniv
  • crysalis
  • Reggie
  • Jason
  • kfc469
  • Simon
  • hickfarm
  • COD2_fanatic
  • FghtinIrshNvrDi
  • nosbusch2005
  • Snake-Eyes
  • cvb724
  • Ellothar121
  • zmatt
  • sheky
  • Phantom118
  • motoxer4533
  • KingAustin
  • TheDiceman
  • TheEnd187
  • Deathawk
  • jpetroz4
  • Chris Chadwick
  • DioTheFalseWall
  • invisible
  • Ste
  • Philip
  • Silverlord
  • H4x3r
  • CalcProgrammer1
  • prvrt
  • SamPNE
  • TheRascalKing614

Apokalipse 01-17-2006 04:35 AM

#3) Apokalipse

gaara 03-01-2006 10:39 PM

Just a reminder that this is still active and the initial response has been a bit...low :p

joshd 03-07-2006 03:49 PM

does it need to be closed in a certain way?

can i just leave for school, and have the system autoshut down (using cmd) in 2 hours or so??

also, does it use much bandwidth?

Lonewolf5460 04-06-2006 11:12 AM

i am going to start folding again for TF i will set it up when i get home

Lonewolf5460 05-11-2006 10:49 AM

i am folding now i am at 5000/50000 no where close to a wu though

Qiranworms 05-11-2006 08:23 PM


Originally posted by joshd
does it need to be closed in a certain way?

can i just leave for school, and have the system autoshut down (using cmd) in 2 hours or so??

also, does it use much bandwidth?

Doesn't seem like it needs any special shut down process. Probably better when it exits cleanly, as opposed to being killed. Not a big deal, so your shutdown command should be no problem.

It only uses bandwidth to upload a completed WU or download a new one, so it rarely uses any at all (WUs, depending on their sizes, can take a long time to finish). It's more of a CPU usage thing. You don't even have to be always online for it to actually process stuff.

joshd 05-12-2006 01:14 AM

thank'ee kindly. i think i will start doing that then.

mac_mogul 05-12-2006 01:55 AM

I've had my iBook folding for quite a while, and its completed several wu's... but when i looked ont he F@H site today, on our team page under my username it doesn't even register the iBook as a processor. Its still stuck on from back when I completed 1 WU on my old iMac. Any ideas on how to fix this? It feels kinda dumb to have wasted like 7 WU's lol

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