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Default SSH Question - I Think!

I've heard great things about this forum from friends, so when I had a question that Google just couldn't answer I knew it was time to check out this forum (a last resort for me).

This is my situation, I am a Starcraft 2 and League of Legends player, so when I'm at school and I've got some down time I like to hop on my laptop and play a little (not in class), but I'm unable to do so because of blocked ports and such.

I have talked with one of the IT guys and he said that they block ports to limit bandwidth consumption. I told him that makes no sense since youtube, VOIP, and even Facebook can take up just as much or even more, but he told me that it's just the approach they have chosen to take.

I have signed no agreement and the college campus network has no password. I have a desktop at home with a nice internet connection, but I'm at school 7 hours of the day, so I'd like to make use of the internet that I am paying for (technically I'm paying for the college internet as well). Now that my morality is not at stake I'll continue.

As I stated above I have a windows desktop at home with an internet connection and I bring my windows laptop to school with me everyday. I know what I want to do, but am not sure how to do it or if it is possible. I have not been able to find any tutorials anywhere, some were close but not exactly what I was looking for.

Here is my proposition: Using an SSH connection through port 80 (one of the few unblocked ports) to my desktop at home from my laptop at school. I have looked at programs like PuTTY, but I cannot find a tutorial on how to use it correctly. I know it will take more than just PuTTY, but there are many proxy programs. I have also looked into VPN's, but am unsure if it will suit my needs. I would rather tunnel to my own computer to increase my connection and SSH is just so much more secure. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I want to stay away from free trials of proxies and YourFreedom, they're just too slow of a connection to play. Even HotSpotShield is giving me unplayable latency.

I know there are IT men here that will hate me and tell me to go do homework, and I understand that. However, the reason the IT at the college gave me simply does not make sense, had he said it was against the rules to play games at school I would have immediately stopped. I have every right to use my share of bandwidth at school. The people on facebook and skype aren't doing homework either.

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Default Re: SSH Question - I Think!

I am looking into using freesshd as a server on my desktop and using PuTTY as a client on my laptop.

Basically, I need access to ports that my computer at home has access to from my laptop at school.

Set up a Windows SSH tunnel in 10 minutes or less

The above link helped me a lot, because it pinpoints what I need to do exactly. Unfotunately the guide uses an old out of date program. I would need to do what that guide says on freessh, which I am having trouble with.

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Default Re: SSH Question - I Think!

Tech-Forums is here for informative purposes only. We are not here to help bypass, or otherwise negate, security or any other measures put in place by a Employer, School or Parent. We are not here to do your school work for you either. We will help explain results or help you to find information to get results but we will not flat out give answers to homework or school work questions. School is for learning. Getting the answers handed to you is not going to help anyone in the end. Any topic of such matter will be instantly closed.

Sorry but your IT guy at school said it. They block the ports for a specific reason. You may not agree with their reason but they block it and therefor we are not going to assist you in bypassing their block. The above statement is right within our Rules page. You may not have signed anything with them, but you are using their service. You pay for your tuition, which entitles you to learn and follow the rules of the campus and college. We will not help break them for any reason.

Topic Closed.
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