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HONK if you route packets
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Default Re: Limewire Wont connect

Originally Posted by nu2duo View Post
But that's the problem with the majority of Viruswire users. They don't download responsibly.

Just last week I went out to reformat and reinstall windows on two separate pc's. They both were infested with viruses thanks to Limewire.
Well.... did you capitalize off of their mistakes??? $$$


So where's the problem? People drive drunk all the time. That doesn't mean that drinking is bad .... nor driving. Just the idiots that choose to combine the two. (I've had my fair share of this too... so, I'm one of those idiots)
Hospitals capitalize off of injuries in accidents ... sounds crappy... but, yea, hospitals are businesses too!

Point is... it's not the program that is bad ... it's the fact that people see how popular it is and then they use it to their advantage to capitalize off of idiot's mistakes.

If you are holding a beer for the first time and are behind the wheel.... you will probably get into a wreck because you don't know any better.
But, you learn from your experience and then only have 1 or 2 drinks and then stop before driving.

Just like, if you are a new user of a program (like Limewire) and download the first "Enter Sandman" that pops up (even though it's 13k in size ) You will probably screw your computer up a bit. But I bet you will be careful next time. The program used has nothing to do with it. Viruses and idiots are everywhere.
You can't blame Limewire for anything... did Limewire force the file to your computer??? lol
there are PLENTY of things a user can do prior to downloading a file

If they don't want to take any risks in downloading files (that are most likely illegal to share anyway) then tell them to use iTunes or another pay service that ensures safety and quality files.

If I decide to screw my girlfriend without putting a firewall on my johnson, eventually she's going to end up pregnant. No matter what the screwing method is/was....

Man... that was a weird way to make a point... not even sure I did either LOL

Too many Rockstars

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