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Default Configure XP to share internet connection with wireless router

First, a note of warning: This is a long post but I'm trying to include all of the details here.

I have an interesting setup here that I'm trying to get going. First, here's my current setup and what I'd like to do. Second, are the problems I'm having with it.

I have a DSL modem that is currently connected to a Linksys wireless router and serves as a single access point for both my wireless and wired computers.

I would like to set up my desktop PC (has 2 NICs) so that it will share it's internet connection from the Linksys with a secondary D-Link wireless for the purpose of providing a "public" wireless for my clients.

I want to do this because I need to have an open wireless connection for my clients, but I want to easily be able to monitor and disable it if necessary, while leaving my own "internal" network alone. This is not for security reasons. Just convenience.

Now for my problems:
When I enable both NICs, XP seems to have a hard time knowing which one to use for internet access and only works part of the time.

Also, exactly how should my NICs and the D-Link router be configured and connected so that it will pass on DHCP users from the router through to my shared internet connection?

Here's how things are currently connected, though probably not correct:

DSL Modem > Linksys > NIC1-Desktop PC-NIC2> D-Link > Wireless Client

Thanks for any help.

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Default Re: Configure XP to share internet connection with wireless router

Taken from: How to configure Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP
On the host computer
On the host computer, follow these steps to share the Internet connection: 1. Log on to the host computer as Administrator or as Owner.
2. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
3. Click Network and Internet Connections.
4. Click Network Connections.
5. Right-click the connection that you use to connect to the Internet. For example, if you connect to the Internet by using a modem, right-click the connection that you want under Dial-up.
6. Click Properties.
7. Click the Advanced tab.
8. Under Internet Connection Sharing, select the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection check box.
9. If you are sharing a dial-up Internet connection, select the Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the Internet check box if you want to permit your computer to automatically connect to the Internet.
10. Click OK. You receive the following message:
When Internet Connection Sharing is enabled, your LAN adapter will be set to use IP
address Your computer may lose connectivity with other computers on
your network. If these other computers have static IP addresses, it is a good idea to set them
to obtain their IP addresses automatically. Are you sure you want to enable Internet
Connection Sharing?
11. Click Yes.

The one thing you'll need to do in order for this to work other than what's stated above, is alter some of the settings within the dlink router.

Dlink routers already use the 192.168.0.X IP range. So you'll need to set it to use something else, since you can't (as far as I remember) change the IP range that windows uses with internet connection sharing.

To change it, you'd just need to plug into the dlink router before you set up ICS, log into the router by going to it's router page ( ).
It should be in the LAN section. You can change the router's IP from to anything. Though i'd reccomend something that you can easily remember. is often used in the networking industry for that reason.

Once you've got those settings saved, you can plug the Dlink into your 2nd NIC, and into the WAN port on the router. Then you set up ICS as shown above, and you're in buisness.

Hope that helped
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