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Exclamation A+ Question please reply.

Yes hi im new to this forum. My names is Matthew i am 21 years of age and live in California. I am currently going to get enrolled into a program called Education Direct to learn everything i need to know to take a A+ certification test. The thing is i see many mixed reviews on this forum. I can't tell between programmers and or PC reapir technicians. I am wondering if you have a link to where it shows you how certain career fields are doing? Also i would trully just love to be in PC repair not programming. I am very mechanical and love to work on computers. By going for my A+ which i should obtain in 9 months, is this a good idea? Also i see that a lot of you are A+ certified but it seems that the job market is still lack luster. I really just want to get ahold of an A+ degree, take a few college classes in Hardware and slowly progress. I understand you need to start at the bottom rung but is there potential to move up? I have searched for PC repair jobs and people looking for only people to install new harware check for problems etc. Starts at 13 dollars an hour and you have full benefits and its full time. I mean if i can land one of these jobs i would be very happy. Might even find a LAN center and aplly to work there when needed. This is all so far a far off dream but i want to make it reality and i know i will. Just wondering if im headed in the correct direction, seeing that most of the work has been sent to India.

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i believe training for your a+ is a step in the right direction. Afterwards, i would suggest that you think about going to college. You say "I am very mechanical and love to work on computers. ". Wonderful, i'd say you may want to look into a computer engineering degree.

I started about the same. I went to a votech school for a+ trainging with a networking background. Afterwards, I went to school for a associate degree for computer network engineering, i have two classes left. After I graduated HS, the votech got me an interveiw for an it job as a computer tech, which is where i am at now. It would be a good idea to goto a school with a reputable career placement service.

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The A+ certification (no degree here BTW) is a great place to start if you love computers, love to work with your hands and hate programming.
It's a good place to start regardless, I feel. (I think that was Yoda-talk right there...... )
The market really depends on where you are from. I see that you are in CA but it will also depend on where in CA. Are you in a major city or metro? Or are you on a farm? I live in upper Seattle. I live next door to a sub-Microsoft building, the headquarters for RealNetworks, a subbuilding for Nintendo and sooooo many other places. You would be shocked though at the amount of people needing help. You can get experience from doing some freelance work. Maybe try and find some parttime work on www.craigslist.org for your city.
A+ is a good root to grow from. Even in network analisys, network engeneering, software analisys, development or programming, it'll help to understand how the darn thing works in the first place, ya know?

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The tech market is well pretty much open. Service techs are in demand now while network and programming techs are not and you would be venturing into a saturated markit. There are dozens of Local shops you could work for or you can set up your own shop. Hey i did it im 16 and bring in 200-350 usb a month and thats maybe only couple hours of work a week. Thinka bout if you were wroking full time? You see the markit is very open but you may have to travel for your job or it might be across the street. Pretty good pay to! A+ would be great for you as i have it and it is a great acomplishment!
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well A+ certification is good for somone new to computers..
well i am a computer student and now getting my BS degree in Here i mean in pakistan.....so any problems in your PC most welcome for questions.............
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The A+ is a good test to take so everybody knows you know how a computer works, good thing to know. Anyway, I am about to take the os technologies test on monday to finish off the A+. I love the all in one book by mike meyers. On his site (totalsem.com) he acually sell discount vouchers and they come with practice tests. this is how I'm getting my a+.

A+, Network+, and powerpoint certified

Studying Linux+
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can you take the A+ certification test in Australia?
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I wish that I knew the answer to that question. Right away, I don't know. I'm not sure if it's another one of those "American Mickey Mouse Club" things or not. I would think not and would not be suprised if it's a world-known certification. But then again, I remember a lot of electrical questions on the exam and they are dealt with US electrical measurements......

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I'm pretty sure A+ is only really recognized in N. America.

I took this semester off but last semester I did my A+ at British Columbia's Institute of Technology. It was sooo much fun! I decided to take the full-time Network program so I'll be doing my A+ again next semester. I'm still into Web Design/Development but I think hardware/networking is the way to go because programming can be so easily outsourced to India and the likes.
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The way I see it, an A+ Cert. isnt going to get you too far or get you a great job. BUT, it is a step in the right direction. It allows you to get those basic jobs and work your way up. You have to start somewhere.

But, what do I know. I dont even have my A+. I am in the A+ course at the college though

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