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Default New Business Idea: Would you Buy it?

Hi! I'm an ambitious 14 year old entrepreneur!

As of 2012, Windows XP, a 12 year old operating system, is used on 41% of all personal computers.

It's no secret that most of those users have slow computers that they hate, yet need for their business, or simply everyday use. What do these people want? A faster computer, but they don't want to spend a lot of money on a new computer.

So here's where I come in.

I dream of a business that sells "packages," to upgrade your computer. Of course, the "slow learners," we shall call them, who own Windows XP and don't know much about technology, don't have the slightest idea how to upgrade a computer, and would feel much more comfortable paying someone to install it for them.

So basically, what my business does is sells packages to people who wish to start a "local business," for instance, or to people who are tech savvy looking to make an extra buck. The website would offer 3 packages: Basic, Family, or Gaming, depending on the use of the local customers of the buyer. The website would also have some basic tutorials on how to install the upgrade.

So, my question to you.

If I had this all set up, beautiful website, everything. Would you buy this?

Note: this would be marketed toward tech-savvy people.

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Default Re: New Business Idea: Would you Buy it?

Welcome to the forum CityTech.

Honestly, your product sounds incredibly vague with limited added value. Why would anyone pay you for a "package" when they could just sell the Windows upgrade?


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Default Re: New Business Idea: Would you Buy it?

No. Being tech savvy why do I need someone to sell me an "upgrade package" when I can go online, buy this stuff myself and do it on a as needed basis. Able to make the upgrade on a personal need and tailor it to the person that is getting the upgrade rather than a generic package that you send that is what you think each category should be.

Not to mention if I really wanted, I could make my own online business and buy parts in bulk thru sites like Newegg with a discount and still be able to do what you cant. Tailor the upgrade to the person using the PC instead of a generic package that I think they want.

No way you can tell me your "upgrade package" will be fit for all gamers. As you have no idea if the person who is buying said package is actually a gamer or they call themselves a gamer cause they play the Sims or Facebook games.

So basically nope. Wouldn't buy such a thing being a tech savvy person. As I can already do that. I don't need anyone to do something for me that I already do myself. I don't need a middle person to do what is already being handled.
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Default Re: New Business Idea: Would you Buy it?

I see where you going with this, but I must agree with Kmote. I work in computer repairs (basic) and I can tell you pretty much your business is already out there and being operated. Your idea doesn't seem to be any different than the people who bring me their computers for upgrades ya know?
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Default Re: New Business Idea: Would you Buy it?

First off, i have been building computers since i was 12 and i do admire your ambition. However, targeting tech savvy people with such a package is just not going to work.

However, if you can make a package and advertise it well, i do think that its possible to make a similar package for the computer inept. how it would work?--

Big companies like Dell, Hp, acer, ect mass produce tons of computers every year, what most don't know is that a large portion of these computers are made on almost the same exact platform. To add to this potential is that these computers are mostly modular and easy to work with.

If you could make a package that targets the low end computers with an affordable 'kit' that would make their computer run the same speeds at the higher end ones then you might have a working product but...

1.) you have a hell of a lot of bulk to order to actually be able to sell such a kit for a low enough price 2.) there are way more IT guys out there then you could even imagine, its just not going to be an easy sell. 3.) you would have to make it so an average joe could install it into his average computer but thats also a problem, most people are stupid. you would need an unbelievably huge call center. that would just never work.

and if i my some slim chance my reformatting of your idea works, you better remember me!
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Default Re: New Business Idea: Would you Buy it?

I will agree with Murphy and confirm that people can be stupid. When people don't understand what you are talking about, they go to frustration which can escalate to anger. Your videos will need to be super specific or you would need to have a large call center.

Also, I suggest marketing this to non-tech savvy people instead of tech-savvy for the same reasons kSoD has said.
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Default Re: New Business Idea: Would you Buy it?

So let me get this straight. You are wanting to sell someone who is "tech-savvy" an upgrade to a newer OS and you do it or the client/customer would do it? But before i start to even think upon that answer....why would you sell it to people who already know how to do it?

I agree with Murphy, you would have to order so many to get to wholesale cost for you to make anything.

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