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Cool I am your new god!!!

or not, i guess... ANYWAY, i am a youtuber/pc builder interested in joining the tech forums That's all you need to know about me.

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Default Re: I am your new god!!!

Welcome to the forums!

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Default Re: I am your new god!!!

a new god eh?.......
what was wrong with the old god that requires a new god?
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The strange one
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Default Re: I am your new god!!!

There are so many gods anymore


The Ancient Greek Olympian Gods, in which Cronus displaces Uranus, and Zeus in turn displaces Cronus
In the Armenian Ar, later - Aramazd.
The Hurrian/Hittite pantheon in which Kumarbi is displaced by Teshub or Tarhunt or Arinna.
The Canaanite panthon, in which Hadad displaces El
The Ancient Egyptian Ennead and Ogdoad where Osiris assumes pre-eminence, to be displaced by Seth or Sutekh, who is in turn replaced by Horus, son to Osiris and Isis
In the Historical Vedic religion, the King of the Gods was Indra. Though Indra still retains the title of the king of the gods and the ruler of heaven, the Trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu assume his protective functions as the Vedic religion evolved into Brahmanical Hinduism. Indra is often considered inferior to the Trinity.
In the Mesopotamian Anunnaki, Enlil displaces Anu and is in turn replaced by Marduk.
There is also a tendency for kings of the Gods to assume more and more importance, syncretistically assuming the attributes and functions of lesser divinities, who come to be seen as aspects of the single supreme deity. Examples of this include

Ancient Iranian Ahura Mazda of the Zoroastrians
Hinduism where Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu are seen as comprising the essence of all other divinities, and are considered aspects of the same monist reality, an impersonal force called Brahman.
Judaism where Angelology sees previous divinities becoming aspects of a single supreme creator's powers.
Here a list of the leaders of the various pantheons

Australian Aboriginal pantheon: Baiame
Algonquin pantheon: Gitche Manitou
Ashanti pantheon: Nyame
Aztec pantheon: Huitzilopochtli or Ometeotl or Quetzalcoatl
Canaanite pantheon: Hadad or Ba'al
Celtic pantheon: Dagda
Chinese pantheon: Shangdi or Tian, also Dragon King
Dahomey pantheon: Nana Buluku
Egyptian pantheon: Ra, later Amun-Ra
Finnic pantheon: Ukko
Germanic pantheon: Tr or Wōden
Greek pantheon: Zeus
Guarani pantheon: Tupa
Haida pantheon: Raven
Hindu pantheon: Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu or Brahman
Hittite pantheon: Arinna or Teshub
Hopi pantheon: Angwusnasomtaka
Inca pantheon: Viracocha or Inti
Inuit pantheon: Anguta or Anigut but only among the Greenlandic Inuit
Japanese pantheon: Izanagi-no-Mikoto, then Amaterasu-Ōmikami
Latin pantheon: Janus, then Jupiter
Lakota pantheon: Wakan Tanka or Inyan
Lusitanian pantheon: Endovelicus
Māori pantheon: Tāne
Mayan pantheon: Hunab Ku
Mesopotamian pantheon: Sumerian: An, later Enlil; Babylonian: Marduk
Miwok pantheon: Coyote
Mongolian pantheon: Tengri
Nabatean pantheon: Dushara
Norse pantheon: Odin
Persian pantheon: Ahura Mazda
Pre-Monotheistic Jewish pantheon: originally El or Elyon, later Yahweh
Sami pantheon: Beaivi
Slavic pantheon: Perun
Tagalog/Filipino pantheon: Bathala
Vodou pantheon: Bondye
Yoruba pantheon: Olorun
^ prob totes unnecessary :P
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