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funkywaggnelz 06-11-2007 07:19 AM

hey hi
sooo im new here. just saying hey from hershey!

Trotter 06-11-2007 07:54 AM

Re: hey hi
Better late than never, eh? Welcome aboard.

funkywaggnelz 06-11-2007 08:15 AM

Re: hey hi
thank ye kindly, sir.

abctecher 06-12-2007 10:04 AM

Re: hey hi
hey from one east coaster to another

funkywaggnelz 06-12-2007 10:58 AM

Re: hey hi
hey fellow east coaster! dc is an awesome city

abctecher 06-13-2007 09:28 AM

Re: hey hi

Originally Posted by funkywaggnelz (Post 1112957)
hey fellow east coaster! dc is an awesome city

i know - i love it here =) ur from pa? i went to college there...

funkywaggnelz 06-13-2007 09:56 AM

Re: hey hi
oh yeah? where at? im actually transferring to a school in dc for the next spring semester to finish up down there.

abctecher 06-14-2007 10:50 AM

Re: hey hi
i went to lehigh =) such a fun party school...where in dc you headed?

funkywaggnelz 06-14-2007 10:53 AM

Re: hey hi
i almost went to lehigh... im transferring to american uni.

abctecher 06-26-2007 01:02 PM

Re: hey hi
so how are u enjoying the forum? have you made it to dc yet or are you waiting until right before school starts?

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