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Default Re: Hello, you guys have a village idiot yet?

Originally Posted by Vacuous Luddite View Post
Well, I do have another question now that you bring up BASH. If I want to ensure that I never encounter any shell code that I cannot work with, would you recommend learning the original Bourne shell (Sh) as well as Bash and Ksh or could I realistically get by on just BASH. What If I have to admin a BSD system?

As far as the scripting languages which would you recommend? I know that Perl comes on all Unix like systems out of the box so that seems like a good choice but I don't want a language that limits me to text parsing.
I think you could get away with bash scripts. If I were to administer a BSD system I'd just install bash

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Default Re: Hello, you guys have a village idiot yet?

Originally Posted by Vacuous Luddite View Post
I think my name says it all. I think I have an average IQ, but I seem to be a little slower than most, but I am happy to be here. Although I may not the brightest person, I have a few things I have decided to learn, and they are no simple task. I wish to learn programming and system admin stuff as well as programming and building projects for this Arduino micro-controller I recently bought. I already know how to do very basic programming in C++ such as basic I/O commands and variables, using functions etc. I have not ever studied about classes or the OOP aspects of the language, but I am working up to it. When It comes to sysadmin stuff I know all of the very basic Linux commands and how to use them but that's about it. I have always been a little apprehensive when it comes to learning tech because I always thought that I needed to have extensive knowledge in math, which scared me away for years. BTW, in case you have not noticed, I have strong feelings of inadequacy regarding my intelligence, and I don't know why, so if I preface all my posts with " I am a little slow but ... " you will know why. Now that all my skeletons have been let out, I am happy to say, Hello everyone.
You should work in an IT support role for a week. You'd get over the whole intelligence thing really quickly. A lot of people I deal with can quite literally not string a sentence together correctly. So you saying you have an intelligence issue and then going on to talk about C++ and I/O commands, it puts you right up in the top 0.1% of people I deal with at work. 0.1% is not even an exaggeration, out of the thousands of people at work i'd say i've spoke to a handful that understand computing on that level.

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Default Re: Hello, you guys have a village idiot yet?

Kmanmx, Although I am aware that, by my own standards, the average person I meet on the streets or at work seems intellectually vapid, I should have stated that when I am around others like myself, the folks on these kinds of forums, or my few real friends, I seem to be the dumbest in the group. Then again I believe that is simply because I give constant thought to my own shortcomings and obsess on how best to eliminate them. I look at it like this: my realization that I know nothing about any given subject drives me to want to learn as much as possible about a subject, however the more I learn about that subject, I begin to realize more and more that I truly know nothing, thus I feel like an uninformed idiot. There's that and ... well ... I am also a really bad speller.

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