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Default Hello PC enthusiasts


My name is Chris, I just turned 48 on Jan 31st, 2009.
I'm married - for 18 years come July and we've been together for 20 years this coming Oct.
We have 4 kids, 2 Teens and 2 preteens.

I'm a frustrated, unemployed Caucasian. Frustrated because I am one of the middle aged white man that the system has persistently crapped on in it's efforts to elevate the minorities.
Don't get me wrong, I know I sound prejudiced by my statements - that's certainly not the case, I believe everyone deserves fair treatment and representation in life, but "NOT" at the expense and hardship of others!!

I am a recovering PC enthusiast.
I worked for Intel back in 83'-84' when they first introduced their 256k (not meg) chips and the 8086(if I remember correctly) processor. I was inspecting and repairing customer returned pc boards. I also worked on an assembly line at NEC for a little while, as well as Tektronics. Non of that history should be construed as a technical background as I was just a grunt performing basic process work.

My first PC was an IBM 5150(look it up if you want to know how far back that one goes) which used the 8086 processor I mentioned above? or was it the much faster 8088?. My brother works at Boeing and it was purchased in 91' at a Boeing housecleaning sale. I tore that thing apart, into it's separate components - just to see how everything went together. It had IBM-DOS which was the program Bill gates sold to IBM which led him to start Microsoft - the rest is history.

My next PC was an new Acer - Using that PC I setup my own BBS using 4 modems despite being told by "experts" that you can't make 4 modems work in a single PC - DUH! I did it because I was told it couldn't be done - only to learn that their was nothing difficult about doing so.

Then came AOL, Prodigy and Compuserve which led to Internet popularity and the demise of the BBS'.

I've spent the rest of my time building my own PC's from spare parts and new upgrades when the prices decline.

I enjoy tweaking my OS and Com connections using a mix of free and commercial utilities.

My current PC is a piece of crap eMachine with 3 HD, 1 DVD R/W drive, 2 Gig DDR Memory. I really despise onboard graphics but it's been around a while now so I will accept it if I can actually disable it, something I can't do on my cuurent Intel board. Yes, I can switch AGP or PCI in the BIOS but it doesn't dissable ****. The driver always installs in Winxp and uninstalling only results it auto reinstall on next boot up - regardless and, despite dissabling the driver I believe there is a conflict between onboard and my addon nVidia card.

I am currently researching parts for my next "fresh" build with all new components - nothing spectacular, I will be happy to have a decent system without any of the older, slower and outdated components.

Look for my current list of parts in the forums, as I am looking for input from any/all knowledgeable individuals for hints, suggestions and constructive criticism.

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Default Re: Hello PC enthusiasts

Wow that's quite the introduction. Most intros are just "Hey...". Impressed.

Welcome to the Forums Chris (good name ) and I hope you enjoy your stay. Lots of knowledge and friendly people here!


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Default Re: Hello PC enthusiasts

Welcome to the forum.

There are in order of increasing severity: lies, darn lies, statistics, and computer benchmarks. - diskinfo man page
"Get your money and let's go to court!" - Craig Mudie, MS
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Default Re: Hello PC enthusiasts

I do not accept support questions via EMail, PM, IM or my G+ page!

Phone: LG Optimus G Pro
Running: Stock JB from LG with Nova Launcher

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