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kizzeith 12-17-2003 03:36 PM

Hello All
My name is Kizzeith, 19/m/Fargo ND!!! Believe it or not, we have electricity and computers up here! Been into the whole scene (computer scene that is) for about 6.5 years now, and feel old as I have seen a lot of change. 1 Ghz used to be a dream to us...just like someday I'm sure 3 ghz will be nothing and we can all look back and laugh. Much like in the movie "hackers," when they are checking out angelina Jolie's laptop, some kid says "28000 bps modem! Oh my god this is awesome!."

Anyways, i'm a college student up here, I work at a hotel, I love to party and play games! This place is great/informative, and I look forward to posting with you all!!!


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