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KallenX 01-04-2013 02:51 AM

Greetings from eLocus Kinetics (Kallen)
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My name is Kallen Williams, I've been a computer user since birth pretty much as my dad was a senior IBM programmer, having sent inter-office emails at the age of 6 (1977 or so) :eek:=''._.''=:eek:

Today I am working on my blog & about to start a crowd-funding effort to start building an innovative information system with the help of Indiegogo. Please have a look and like the project, and def contact me with any questions.

All the stuff in-between includes BBSs, on-site domestic and small business computer tech/consultancy, University, and also working as a Point of Sale hardware and system technician for the last 7 years.

I remember when IRQs were a big deal and winsock was a bane of my existence.

Beyond all that, I also held a 5 hour weekly fm radio programme on a 10,000watt transmitter in Ottawa for close to 3 years, Interviewed the Prodigy, and played at a number of parties and special events in the early 90's and present day 2012.

Presently trying to watch Dr who from the 60's onwards, and only in season 6 B&W so far, after watching all the latest, and only having caught the odd episode in the 80's due to parental restrictions. I also watch Walking Dead, and used to also download House MD... as i have an aversion to cable television.

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