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Osiris 03-25-2008 06:47 AM

Copy to Path Hidden Vista Feature
Microsoft likes to make things complicated from time to time it seems. When you right-click a file, folder or search result in Windows Vista you get the normal command menu with options to open, edit or print the marked objects. If you happen to press shift while right-clicking you will also notice that a new option has been added to the menu which is called Copy to Path.
Copy to Path adds a few new nice features to Windows Vista which are otherwise not available. If you right-click search results for instance while holding down the shift key you can export them into the clipboard and paste them afterwards in a text document.
You might also have noticed that dragging and dropping files or folders into the command line does not display their path the way you expected it to. Security concerns are the reason for the change according to Microsoft.
The workaround is the Copy to Path function. If you hold down the shift key while right-clicking a file or folder you can use the Copy to Path function to copy the path to the clipboard. Now simply paste it into the command line and you will notice that the path has been set correctly.

Copy to Path Hidden Vista Feature

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