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Default Re: sony wont charge, but will your internet provider?

Dude, im From the same country as you and Whatever i use my internet for which my service provider is ( Virgin media Was NTL ) lol.. and they cant charge you for anything its your internet use at your free will your paying monthly

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Default Re: sony wont charge, but will your internet provider?

Actually, yes they can charge you for excessive use. Most companies don't do that anymore, but as nitestick said there used to be caps on the total amount of data transfer rates. I doubt this will be any problem what-so-ever anymore, because modern companies would go out of business very soon if they did this. HOWEVER, there has been additional talks in congress about implementing something similar to this in a taxation of data usage, that would screw not only Sony, but MS and any gamer out there. Now, as far as the other fellas question about browsing, no. Game use would require much more data transfer. You are in a constant changing environement when it comes to online gaming, and websites tend to mostly be static. Now, one thing you would have to worry about is not Sony charging but game developers charging a monthly fee, for example the route that WoW goes, but that's also very doubtful.

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Default Re: sony wont charge, but will your internet provider?

All people implying he's stupid for suggesting this: think again. (I'm being blunt with that statement, but it's true when you read some of the posts above.) Don't think charging for what you do on the internet is out of the question... cable companies and DSL alike would both love to regulate the data flow - make hosting companies pay for more bandwidth, and block competitors all together. While that's not directly related since nothing like that is in effect better watch out...

In response to if the PS3 uses the same bandwidth as browsing the internet - that all depends what you're browsing. Text is small...while pictures are big, videos are bigger, and so on (so there's no good direct comparison there). But yes, to compare it against the PC, I'm sure it uses about the same bandwidth as playing a PC game.
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Default Re: sony wont charge, but will your internet provider?

Virgin rocks don't it NvidiaDude, I have been Downloading a but load of stuff a month all legally of course .

But a ISP or any other company can't charge for something that can't or don't provide if they provided the service they could but because they don't if they tried to charge you for it you can take them to court if they try to.

I don't know if this helps but if you are not informed that a service on a computer device dose not give you a estimate on how much you will be downloading and you have a limit on what you can DL you can take the company to court to pay the excess you DL'ed if you can prove it was because they didn't inform you how much you have down loaded - Although I don't know how accurate this is I was told by a friend of mine who is studying law (British law).
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Default Re: sony wont charge, but will your internet provider?

still is my friend can only have up to 4 gigabites of downloads per moth and he has to pay an extra 5 bucks per 100 megabites
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Default Re: sony wont charge, but will your internet provider?

This is what i dont understand.. if sony is probably losing money, why wont they charge? Look at Xbox Live, they still charge and it is popular.

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