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Default Re: Nintendo on Forbes - talking about old school NES


I am not offended. I just see things differently.

Like this here:

Why else would 50% of nintendo 3rd party titles have less then a 50% metascore?
Look at who scores these games? I have seen ratigns for games that i love be a 1.0 yet i enjoyed them to no end. I have seen it all that way on movies as well. To use a rating system which is based from user opinions is not a source for real facts. It is just saying that the majority of people didnt like it. Ignoring the fact that the other people did.

Hey man I never said anything like that ( nor would I since its very disrespectful ), your putting words in my mouth now.
In a way yes. But in a way no. She is not as informed as me about games. I got her into them. That was only 7 years ago or so. She has seen and played the games i have. But she is far from being informed in the level you speak of as a hardcore gamer. She would fall into your defination of casual gamer. As for me you are correct. I dont have the time now. I do play when i can and i am somewhat of a hardcore gamer as i do read the reviews and articles written about games. But that doesnt mean i have to agree or believe what they said.

Case in point. Star Wars the Force Unleashed. I got this not long ago for my DS. IT scored 5 or less on almost every site. Yet i have played thru the game 4 times already now and going onto number 5. I enjoyed teh game greatly and would give it a 8 or 9 to be frank about it. If i had believed everything that was said about it i would have never gotten or tried the game.

But the main difference is that you read what these people say and you take it more to heart and believe it more. They are still just the opinions of those who participated in the vote or wrote the article.

I go by user experience. I do not care what they say about a game or a system. I try them out for myself. I get personal experience with each game and system and find out for myself if i like that game or system. I dont go by what other people say because they are not me. That dont think like i do, they dont like what i like. I like a wide variety of games.

From what i read in your posts, yeah you are giving your opinion. You are debating certain things. But you are going more so by what you have read from others and pass that information on rather than give the information from yourself.

Case in point:

Mario galaxy was quoted in IGN and gamespot as saying it pushed the Wii to its limits, and its prob the best looking game on the Wii. However concerning Metroid, if it was designed with HD in mind, then it would look better on the xbox and ps3, this is sorta undeniable. Look at KZ2 for an example of what consoles horsepower can do.
No where in there did you say you actually tried the game. You quote IGN. I have played it. I have seen it with my own eyes and controlled it myself. This goes way beyond anything that can be expressed in a review or words. The game is much more than what they can say.

Same thing for Metroid. Yeah if it was HD....but for the fact that it isnt. It is by far one of the best looking games. If should not even be entered. Cause IF they had gone wtih better GFX for the Wii it would be so much better. IF they had gone with a more hardcore system it would be much better. See how using IF in statements doesnt do anything but speculate?

I am not trying to get you to stop sharing your opinion. But i want YOUR opinion. Not something that you read from IGN, Gamespot or any other site. I dont want you to give me metascores on a game. I want you to tell me what you thought of the game or system in question.

I want you to get a Wiimote in your hand and try even just the simple games like Baseball, Tennis and Bowling with Wii Sports and the other games from Wii Play. Just try them. You will see that they are fun.

The same can be said of many other games on the Wii. Many of these games that the metascore is low i wont argue that they are bad games. I wont say that they are good cause i most likely didnt try them myself. I know what games i like and what games i want to play. I try out new ones by reading the reviews and deciding for myself. Not based on what others think.

That is what i am trying to get at. From what i see you do not say you have a Wii. You do not give any information about your experience. You give me information from 3rd party sources. I could turn around and find you information that claims the Wii is the best console ever.

What i want is your opinion. Not something quoted, not something stated on another site. To say something bad about the Wii you really need to own one and experience it yourself first. To read stuff about it and give off quotes from others is not your opinion. It is your opinion based off of information from someone else's opinion. That is where i am coming from. It is not me trying to be disrespectful, it is not me trying to be harsh. I am talking from personal experience with all the consoles. I am talking from my experience with the games and systems.

The Wii is not a system that can be talked about unless it is first experienced. My brother and my friend who has the PS3 and Wii both hated the Wii at first. Till i brought it over with Mario Party. The very next time there was a Wii supply they both got the system and love it.

I hope you can understand where i am coming from. I am just trying to show you that saying the stuff about the Wii that you do is only coming from opinions. Most of which i gather are not your own but stuff you read. This is where my problem lies cause to experience the Wii gives you a different view of it than just reading about it.

Wildeside once i fire up my Wii again i will add you and get my code to you. I dont have SSBB yet. But i will soon.

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Default Re: Nintendo on Forbes - talking about old school NES

Ding ding ding Mak wins! Thread closed .


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