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Old 12-21-2009, 01:15 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Gaming Mouse

Hey all.

I know this particular forum is for hardware "troubleshooting", and not that I have "problem", but just kinda figured this was the best forum to come to out of all the others with what I have to ask.

It has to do with pc gaming, but on these boards here on this site, the actual forum of PC Gaming seems more geared towards the games themselves rather than a piece of a mouse!!!!

I do a fair amount of pc gaming which includes action first-person shooters, and I'll be getting a gaming keyboard, so, figured I'd go with the whole package and look into a gaming mouse, too.

When I googled some searches on "best gaming mouse", a couple of the name brands that popped up were "Logitech" and "Razer". I've heard of both of these brands (and way in the past I had a "standard" Logitech mouse). For years I've been using various Microsoft mice, and recently wireless, optical ones with that ergonomic design.

I guess what surprised me on my searches with the Logitech and Razer results was that the mice themselves were "wired" and not wireless. I know they say you should never assume, but I had assumed that gaming mice would want to lend themselves to freedom of movement, so I thought my results from my search would have me looking at wireless mice.

On some of my search results there were some wireless gaming mice, but a fair amount (majority) were wired mice.

What do you think? Does this just come down to a matter of personal preference, or, according to the "expert" gamers out there, is there a more preferred type of mouse when it comes to wired or wireless? Is one really better than the other and give a more precise, quicker response?

Appreciate any helpful, insightful responses.......especially if you've had experience with both wired and wireless gaming mice!!!


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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

I have a Razer Krait and I love it.

Originally, I bought the Krait because it's best for RTS, but now I'm more into FPS, so you should choose which ever mouse fits your style.

The reason most gaming mice are wired is because they are more precise than wireless mice are. There will never be any instances of you blaming a mouse skip for getting killed with a wire mouse :P

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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

If you aren't looking to spend a lot of money but still want a killer mouse, I use the OCZ Equalizer. Bought it for $25 and I love it, I am so glad I didn't spend a ton of money on another mouse. Nifty triple-threat button too. Looks like newegg doesn't carry it anymore but Amazon does: OCZ OCZMSEQRD Desktop Size Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse: Electronics

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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

I use the Logitech G5 2.

I recently had a G5, but after the right click button didn't "click" anymore, I sent a request to Logitech, and recieved the G5 2.
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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

Moved to PC Gaming. I searched and similar threads were split between PC Gaming and Buy,Build,Upgrade Performance. I figured more PC Gamers would see it and have good input in the PC Gaming section.

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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

+1 for OCZ mice, they offer excellent features at very reasonable prices. I'm planning on getting a OCZ Behemoth or Eclipse when newegg gets them back in stock.

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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

I just received my new Razer I just love these things....I am on my 2nd copperhead as I just plain wore out the first one.

Wires are good for a mouse in my need to recharge....they are always ready to go and wont go dead on you during a gaming session.

It would really just come down to personal preference really.

A really good mouse does make a difference for gaming....don't let anybody tell you any different.
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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

I have the Razer Habu mouse. I definitely agree with the rest. A good gaming mouse makes ALL the difference when it comes to playing even remotely competitively. The programmable buttons, higher sensitivities and the ability to change DPI on the fly is a huge plus!

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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

I use the razer deathadder, and I love it. I would recommend going to their site and using the tool that will recommend a mouse depending on the grip you prefer.
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Default Re: Gaming Mouse

if your seriously into gaming i would go razer (that is my personal preference though) they are pretty much the best maker of mice. I have the Lachesis and lycosa (lycosa is my keyboard). Logitech is also good, but i find that they feel weird in my hand compared to a razer. IMO razer are for people whouse there tips of there fingers on the mouse and logitech mice are for people who palm the mouse (have there hands flat on the mouse without there fingers arched much, if not any)

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