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Default Re: DayZ Mod

Lennac you may want to hold off on getting this because Hacking is a huge problem right now. It will drive you insane. I love the concept, I hope when they make the stand alone of this game, they fix the security issues. I also hope the Arma 3 engine is more optomized for a game like this, (which if history repeats it's self) it won't be and we will be stuck waiting on patches. Other than these small issues. GREAT GAME!!! Also, remember, Game is still in Alpha phase. So sick of hearing people complain about glitches that are expected in a Alpha game.

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Default Re: DayZ Mod

Yes- my 2 boys quit playing this due to the hacking- stuff like guys running thru walls, invincible enemies - cant even register a hit in spite of having 3 vs one ( they play with a friend and do a co-op via talking on phones at the same time). So, they gave up. Great game idea and they are hoping the security issues are fixed soon as well.

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Default Re: DayZ Mod

The hackers suck on this game big time. If you can find a reputable server, they usually control hackers much better. I play one one that's pretty well managed, but if they suspect hacking of any sort going on, the server goes down until they can find the logs to prove someone used a hack, and then ban them. This is good because it discourages hacking, but the server tends to go down often and usually for an hour+.

Lately the most recent glitches have gotten more annoying to me than hackers. Like randomly falling under the ground, swimming, then spawning on the coast without a single item. If you look where you were when you disappeared, there is a clone of you standing there that you cannot interact with, but you can loot all of your stuff back normally.
Also, passing out on stairs and breaking your bones.
Gaining bandit clothing, and having it disappear after about 5 minutes after login. When it disappears, it makes you switch weapons, and refills all of your ammunition for some reason.
Another thing would be the graphical glitches caused by dead bodies, barbed wire, and other items in military locations.

Despite all of the glitches and hackers, I still love this game. This is one of the best PC games I have ever played with friends by far.
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Default Re: DayZ Mod

Was thinking about getting it but will probably wait for the standalone to be released. Dont really want to but Arma 2 just to get it. The zombies look kinda retarded and not very fluent when they move aswell, hopefully the standalone fixes a lot of the bugs ect.
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Default Re: DayZ Mod

I wasn't interested in DayZ until i watched videos from this guy:
DayZ Sniper Squad Gameplay ft. M24/DMR/Ghillie - YouTube

They focus more on the competitive shooter side of DayZ, and the zombies are like an added complication. Very professional gameplay, especially for a YouTube channel
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Default Re: DayZ Mod

sacriel is a very good player. I have fought many other players and no one compares to him and his squad. The closest would be a clan that was trying to control elektro and cherno with their Huey, and vehicles.
However, they failed at it. Just had one garbage sniper shoot a few people and the rest drove around.
I just paid $5 to get in a private server, hopefully it's worth it. The way it's being ran seems worth the cost, I just hope it's as good as it is supposed to be once I'm whitelisted.
It should be the closest thing to hacker free and non hoarded vehicles you can get. The downside is that it will be one heck of a hectic server. They encourage clans and are having independent forums and teamspeak servers for those clans. There are also 5 helicopters on the server atm.

Build to be updated, a reminder to myself.
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