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Default Age Of Conan is becoming much better. Only 20 bucks to purchase.

Over the past few months Age of Conan has seen a massive influx of players due to server merges and patches that have fixed all of the severely broken aspects of the game. Much new high level content has been added in patch 1.04, and already patch 1.05 is in the works that will include a new level 70-80 zone. Age of Conan is unmatched in its level of detail and sophistication. You can buy Age of Conan off of Steam for $20, and this includes a month of free play time. I never really liked WOW all that much, but this game seems different. It's much more mature and enthralling.

Age Of Conan - History of AoC's fall but successful resurrection - Age of Conan Forums

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Default Re: Age Of Conan is becoming much better. Only 20 bucks to purchase.

The game is like a rollercoaster.

0 to 20 is the best MMO experience ever.
20 to 30 sucks - there is NOTHING to do.
30-40 is lame after a few levels because you run out of quests soon till like level 42 or 45
The auction house is rubbish no one uses it
The gear is ridiculous. everyone looks the friggin same, there's not enough of it !

This is why i stopped at level 40 and went to wow. I bought AoC on release day and played it for about 2 months, so it was a long time since i last played.

If they have fixed all this.. i may return, because the combat was fun and PvP looked promising and if they ever implement fun stuff to do at level 80 it may be worth my while.

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Default Re: Age Of Conan is becoming much better. Only 20 bucks to purchase.

I played AoC from open beta up to 3 months after release. 0-20 was awesome. load's of fun. I didnt have problems with quests till hitting around 55ish. Though it was a bit boring because they were all the same typical mmo quests. Collect 8 bear fur, collect 6 wolf tongues. etc.
I guess they have a whole new low level zone or two now which would be nice.
Auction house wasn't even working for half the time I played lol, when it was fixed it was starting out ok. Guess people must have stopped using from what oreo says.

But yeah one of my biggest griped was the gear. I managed to join a mean raiding/pvp guild early on so we all really gave 'er and got to 80 to raid, but even the raid gear looked like everything else lol. Well the gear from the raids that werem't broken at the time.

I've been watchign the updates on and off and it looks like they've fixed a lot of things, but the crafting/resource gathering still needs a lot of work, Having period specific gear is nice... but when you can't differentiate yourself from the 10 000 others on your server then there's a problem.

As far as the game beign mature itself, yeah I enjoyed that. Combat was kinda fun even if the keystroke style was a bit retarded and repetative.
That doesn't say much for the maturity level of the playerbase :/ but if you can nab an older guild it's cool.

I might come back and play it till diablo 3 releases. my barb is probably deleted by now though lol, kindof a bummer when i think about it. i wonder how long they keep character info after accounts get cancelled.

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