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Default At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

The average price of a single U.S. movie ticket crept up to $7.89 last year, according to the latest figures the country's theater owners—almost the same price as a month's worth of all-you-can-eat video streaming on Netflix.

Of course, streaming "Dude, Where's My Car?" or "Lost Boys: The Thirst" isn't quite the same thing as, say, watching "Tron: Legacy" in 3D on a mammoth IMAX screen. Still, word that average U.S. movie ticket prices are creeping steadily toward the $8 mark is certainly food for thought (and no, I don't mean the buttery, popcorn-y kind on sale for $10 a bucket at the concession stand).

The report from the Los Angeles Times is quick to point out that the $7.89 figure from the National Association of Theater Owners (a.k.a., NATO—no, really) is an average that includes matinees and children's ticket prices. See a movie in Manhattan and you'll end up paying a lot more—think $19 for a single ticket to an IMAX 3D showing of "The Green Hornet." (I'll pass, thanks.)

Indeed, it's the whole 3D thing that's playing the biggest role in rising movie ticket prices, NATO rep Patrick Corcoran told the L.A. Times, who also pointed out that the average ticket price in 1970—$1.55—comes out to $8.71 once you account for inflation.

Then again, its also worth noting that theater attendance dipped a small but noticeable 5.3 percent in 2010 versus last year, with many movie fans presumably deciding to save their money by staying at home.

And in our living rooms, of course, there are more and more home-video options to be had, ranging from $4 movie rentals on iTunes, Xbox Live, PSN, Vudu, and Amazon to buck-a-night Redbox DVD rentals and $8-a-month unlimited Netflix streaming.

We've also got big HDTV screens and surround sound at home—and hey, there's even 3D TV, if you're cool with coughing up $100 for a pair of active-shutter 3D glasses.

Personally, I find myself going to the movies far less than I used to back in the day. In my 20s—when VHS and Laserdisc (remember those?) were the only real home video options, and HDTV displays were only something you read about in Popular Science—I was going to the movies once, maybe twice a week. Sure, I saw a lot of turkeys (I'll never get the two-hour running time of "Scent of a Woman" back), but going to the theater used to be the only real option for widescreen, surround-sound nirvana.

Today? Please. I've got my 46-inch, 1080p HDTV, my Blu-ray-packing PS3, 5.1 channels of surround sound, and nobody nearby who's talking through the whole movie. Given the choice of plunking down $10 or more (not counting subway fare) to see a first-run movie in a theater or waiting a few months to rent it on Netflix or Vudu, well … more often than not, I'll wait to watch at home.

That's not to say I never go to the theater anymore. Given the right movie, I'll pay $15 to sink into the plush seats at the Ziegfeld, a luxurious New York movie palace with a giant 52 by 20-foot screen. (Last movie seen at the Ziegfeld: "True Grit." Thoroughly enjoyed it.) But nowadays, my wife and I are going to the movies maybe four or five times a year, rather than four or five times a month.

Anyway, that's me—now, I'd like to hear from you.

Do you think it's still worth it to go to the movies—and if so, are you going for the 3D, or the big-screen IMAX experience, or just to be with other moviegoers in a dark auditorium?

Or have you had it with the pricey tickets, the expensive popcorn, and the rude cell-phone chatterers? Are you perfectly happy skipping the theater for watching at home?

Movie ticket prices reach new milestone [Los Angeles Times]

— Ben Patterson is a technology blogger for Yahoo! News.

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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

$15.95 downtown Toronto here. I wish they were $7.89... I would go so much more.

And Netflix has maybe 3 movies newer than 2008 in Canada. Pretty pathetic.


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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

There is on-demand, too. And Netflix for your TV, Wii, etc.
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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

Yeah it's like $20 for a 3D movie here, and $11 otherwise (unless it's Tuesday, then it's $8). I'll stick with my solution, 3D projector in the back shed with 5 subs and 8 'normal' speakers (mid and tweeters)
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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

Originally Posted by MindoverMaster View Post
There is on-demand, too. And Netflix for your TV, Wii, etc.
Yeah we have on-demand and Netflix for all systems. It's just the selection is beyond horrible.

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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

The only time I ever go to the movies is when there is a big title that's going to be like Transformers, Iron Man, etc. I just hope this 3D gimmick blows over sooner rather than later because I'm sick of paying $14 for a 3D only movie and having to wear those annoying glasses and get a headache because of it.
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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

The last thing I saw at the theaters was the predator movie LOL.... I mostly watch stuff on netflix and I go to my mum's house for regular tv watching if I'm desperate LOL. but I rarely go there now since my annoying older bro is staying there!!!! **** some anime you can even watch on youtube legally, provided by the company like Funimation has some full eps on thier official YT channel!!! That's awesome!
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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

£10 for a 3D movie at my local cinema, £8 for non-3D. $16.10 and $13 respectively (USD). I usually get in free though since I have a disabled friend (needs wheelchair), and she has a Helper card that lets any one person with her go in free as a helper Only problem is that the local cinema is really small for a town of 60k people, only two screens.

But, I have Rapidshare and Hotfile accounts, so um, yeah :P
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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

3D is pretty pointless. Going to the cinema can be a nice evening out but I would only ever do it occasionally. So in answer to the question, yes, the cinema is worth the cost (IMO of course).

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Default Re: At nearly $8 a pop, are movie tickets still worth it?

IMO there is no way the price to see a movie in a theater is worth it. I'd rather just buy the Blu-ray when it comes out and watch it at home.


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