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Default Report: Iran Tried to Hack the World

It's strongly suspected that Iranian hackers were involved in an attempt to muscle the Internet's Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which uses digital certificates to confirm identities, TGDaily reports. A successful hack of the Web's SSL would have allowed Iran to impersonate popular services and products like Google, Yahoo, Skype, Mozilla, and even Microsoft. Comodo, which is one of the firms that hands our certificates, says its computers were hacked into.

"The attacker was well prepared and knew in advance what he was trying to achieve," Comodo said. "He seemed to have a list of targets that he knew he wanted to obtain certificates for, was quickly able to generate the CSRs for these certificates and submit the orders to our system so that the certificates would be produced and made available to him.

"Although they requested nine certificates, we do not know if they received all of these certificates. We know that they definitely received one of the certificates."

This is scary stuff, and as a security expert at Sophos points out, Comodo's security breach puts consumers at risk. A Microsoft Security Advisory points out that "these certificates may be used to spoof content, perform phishing attacks, or perform man-in-the-middle attacks against all Web browser users including users of Internet Explorer."

Since the attack, Comodo has revoked the certificates.


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Default Re: Report: Iran Tried to Hack the World

haha, i bet that was an interesting day at the office for some people...

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Default Re: Report: Iran Tried to Hack the World

Ugh, this is EXACTLY why Govt's need to get up off their butts, stop slinging mud at each other and get moving on laws for world wide cyber warfare! Govt's like Iran and China should be held accountable for cracking and hacking systems of other Gov't's!
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Default Re: Report: Iran Tried to Hack the World

What's needed is a way to cut them of from the rest of the internet, if a rouge state decided to attack the infrastructure of the net or measures put in place to keep it safe they should forfeit the right of access. Same goes for when you hijack a portion of internet traffic like china has done "Accidentally" twice in the last year once with bad BGP data and most recently with the traffic to a social network, lovely isn't it when some people just can't play nice.
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Default Re: Report: Iran Tried to Hack the World

It's China and Iran...what do you expect? No seriously, I expect China to continue to steal our data and our gov to sit on their asses.
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Default Re: Report: Iran Tried to Hack the World

Yea, maybe we should nuke those countries.
You guys sound like you've been brainwashed by CNN.

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