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Default Anonymous: Arrests and Operations

The long arm of the law finally has a firm grasp on three people suspected of directing operations for hacktivist group Anonymous.

Spanish authorities have arrested three people believed to be “leaders” in of the hacktivist group Anonymous, reports The Register. The busts comes after an infiltration of the group by Spanish Police. A server hosted in Gijon, Spain, was also seized as part of the raid.

Police say the group is responsible for launching a recent cyber-attack on Spain’s Central Electoral Board, known as la Junta Electoral Central) — a move presumably carried out due to the newly passed anti-file-sharing legislation in Spain — as well as an attack on Sony‘s PlayStation Store. Other targets of the group allegedly include the government-run websites of Egypt, Algeria, New Zealand and Lybia. Police have published screenshots of an IRC chat in which Anonymous members discuss targeting the Junta Electoral Central, plus a slew of websites.

So far, none of the suspects have been named.

Anonymous first launched into the world’s consciousness with attacks on the websites of Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, which were carried out in support of WikiLeaks, for which these companies had stopped processing donation payments after the whistleblowing site released a massive cache of US diplomatic cables. Additional prominence was gained after a retaliatory hack on HBGary Federal, a data security company whose CEO, Aaron Barr, claimed to have infiltrated the hacker group.

Since that time, Anonymous has been involved in a wide range of cyber attacks against both corporate and governmental agencies. It is not clear, however, that the group actually has any leadership. While various spokesmen claim to speak for the group, it remains a loose-knit sect of hackers, all of whom act in the name of Anonymous.

The arrests follow a surge in cyber attacks, from both Anonymous and other groups. Most recently, a group known as Lulz Security (LulzSec) has waged war on everyone from PBS to the FBI.

While this represents the first arrests of supposedly Anonymous-affiliated hackers, the increase in cyber-attacks and other hacks are sure to lead to increased action from the authorities — especially since FBI informants are said to make up 25 percent of all US hackers, a statistic of which we remain skeptical.

Hacktivist group Anonymous has officially launched "Operation Empire State Rebellion," an attempt at revolution aimed at taking down the Federal Reserve.

Undeterred by the recent arrests of 35 alleged members in Spain and Turkey, hacker group Anonymous has officially launched a campaign against the Federal Reserve. According to the group, the United States’ central financial institution has “deliberately” driven millions into poverty in order to enrich the nation’s wealthiest, along with a slew of equally-damning populist grievances.

The action against the Federal Reserve began 90 days ago, when Anonymous called on Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to step down. Obviously, he did not. So Anonymous initiated this week “Operation Empire State Rebellion,” or #OpESR, a crusade that promises to “restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class,” according to a video statement released by the group entitled “Ctrl+Alt+Bernanke.”

It is not yet clear what type of action Anonymous will take against the Fed, though it is believed they will resort to their standard tactic of taking down a website with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) “attack,” which is more an act of protest than war, as the flood of traffic does no real damage to the website, besides overloading its servers. In its video statement, Anonymous called on supporters “to occupy a public space until Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke steps down.” What a “public space” means — whether digital or physical — remains unclear.

Despite its popularity with Anonymous, DDoS is likely the least powerful weapon in the group’s arsenal. Anonymous has successfully broken into the systems of a variety of world governments, and has been blamed with the hack on Sony’s PlayStation Network that resulted in a complete shutdown of the service for more than a month, and the theft of personal data of as much as 100 million Sony customers worldwide.

This weekend, reports revealed that hackers infiltrated the systems of the International Monetary Fund, a super-governmental agency that oversees the world’s financial systems, and possibly stole data so sensitive it could cause havoc in governments around the globe if made public. While some suspect that the IMF breach was the work of a “foreign government” (possibly China), others believe that Anonymous may be behind the hack. And if they are, well, Ben Bernanke really will have a problem on his hands.

I'm extremely skeptical of the arrests in Spain and have yet to see any hard sources so ask that you take this information as alleged happenings. If anyone has any information regarding the source please PM me (or Abstract Hero)
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