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Default Microsoft's purchase of Skype: One expensive game of keep away

Microsoft is about to buy Skype in a deal worth about $8.5 billion and the transaction illustrates how unified communications has finally arrived.

The Wall Street Journal is confirming what GigaOm signaled—that Microsoft was going to buy Skype. BoomTown also noted that the deal is done and will be announced shortly. Update: The deal is official.

Here’s what you’ll hear from Microsoft and Skype execs:
  • Skype will be a big assist to Windows Live and other efforts;
  • Skype’s efforts to target the enterprise fit in with Microsoft’s strategy;
  • Microsoft won’t screw up Skype.

All of those points are true, but the reality is that Microsoft is paying up for Skype because it’s an $8.5 billion game of keepaway. And you know what? The deal—and its price tag—makes sense.

Also: Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion; creates new business division

The importance of Skype’s unified communications efforts bonked me over the head in an interview with Polycom’s Andrew Miller. He noted that it’s unclear whether Skype was friend of foe at this point. If Skype really pressed to be an enterprise player, it could be a threat. However, Polycom could also give Cisco a big headache with a Skype partnership.

Enter Microsoft, which already has a fairly successful unified communications effort dubbed Lync. As Mary Jo Foley noted, Lync isn’t a household name just yet. Skype is already there.

But to truly understand the Skype purchase you have to walk through the other scenarios.
  • Google was reportedly interested in Skype. Google would take Skype—and its partnerships with Shortel, Avaya and others—and give Apps a bigger footprint.
  • Cisco, Microsoft’s main enemy in unified communications, could have bought Skype. In fact, Skype is run by former Cisco execs—notably Skype CEO Tony Bates. However, Cisco is trying to focus right now and Skype would only be a diversion. Microsoft with Skype will be a major Cisco headache.
  • Avaya could have acquired Skype and been a headache to Microsoft.

The only potential acquirer of Skype that wouldn’t have been a pain in Microsoft’s arse was Facebook.

Given those options it only made sense that Microsoft would pay up for Skype. Skype gives Microsoft some consumer and SMB street cred. So Microsoft probably paid too much. In the end, the deal may be worth it—if only to keep Skype from the competition.


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Default Re: Microsoft's purchase of Skype: One expensive game of keep away

Maybe this game of keep away is going to prove even more expensive since now skype installs EasybitsGo.exe on your computer with out your permission. The easybitsgo.exe runns as a process even though you click deny in skype when it asks you if you allow it to run.

Easybitsgo have provided a way to get rid of it and that is by going here: However, that is a fake uninstall !!! Easybitsgo.exe is still goign to be on your computer. The only way to get rid of it for sure is to go under tools-options-advanced and uncheck "automatically stop extras" also click on the "manage other connections to skype" link on the bottom and remove Easybitsgames.

This malware seems to have hitchhiked in on a "trusted" program: Skype. So that means inside Skype, there's a trojan downloader. It bypassed all the windows authenticity checks, alerts, certificate of authenticity verification and user permissions. That the trojan downloader inside Skype bypasses all these Microsoft Windows security features seems intentional. Just because we found one trojan downloader installed by Skype, doesn't mean we found all the exploits. This downloader facilitated Easybits to make vast changes to the registry. Apparently, Skype also didn't test this software before pushing it over their service. Or they didn't care. ThreatExpert Reports lots of file modifications and registry entries. Skype is a broadband conduit to the web and has hooks to facilitate program calls to this conduit. Any program installed under Skype has the potential to compromise all the data on the machine and all shared data on the LAN. Additionally, this trojan downloader inside Skype might be exploited by other hackers.

The more customer installations EasybitGo can claim, the higher the value of the company. With the impending purchase of Skype by Microsoft, Easybit would potentially be dropped, perhaps to be replaced by a Microsoft games product. They seem to have struggled to push out this untested malware (over a holiday weekend) to establish themselves as in important integral Skype feature. In a last ditch effort to become part of the new Microsoft VOIP and messenger product that evolves from the Skype purchase, they forced this installation on users even though only 30% of Skype customers ever use the Skype game features. That means they overstate their customer base by a factor of three. I think this abuse and unwanted publicity may assure they won't become part of the new Microsoft product.

Not a wonder that game sessions have jumped to over 7 million sessions. If you run Skype in the background when you don't use it you are probably generating loads of game sessions.

P.S. Now that microsoft is the owner you can expect more of this. I guess when they bought skype they thought they also bought the users!

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Default Re: Microsoft's purchase of Skype: One expensive game of keep away

Originally Posted by lyecdevf View Post
Good thing I haven't bought or downloaded Skype. :P
Originally Posted by RichM499 View Post
I agree. You should see the Phenom III x12 I am beta testing. It's running @ 6.2ghz. It literally sends so much information to the ram that Smurfs jump out and punch me in the face.
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