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Old 04-27-2004, 08:58 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Is Gamecube "dead" yet?

The Gamecube was the first system I got out of the PS2, GC, and XBOX lineup.

It was great at first, but the next system I got and still use, the XBOX, just totally crushes it.

The Gamecube, in my opinion, is slowly starving itself to death, and it is almost sad to see such a powerhouse as Nintendo produce a system that has failed so miserably.

The number of games being produced for it is lowering every month it seems, and I just think that if Nintendo doesnt "high tail" it soon, they may have to really pump some power into their portable gaming side to get things going good.

Not to mention the GC started out with a strong and sturdy lineup of games such as Luigis Mansion, Star Wars Rogue Leader, Pikmin, Resident Evil, and some other games, but it seems that as the months go by, the games are turning into nothing but Pokemon clones and childish themes such as Disney games, etc.

Will Nintendo last for much longer?

Will their Gameboy(TM) franchise last much longer due to the less and less users of portable systems?

As of now it is not looking good for Nintendo IMO, but please post your own opinion on whether Nintendo will last or die!

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Old 04-27-2004, 09:05 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Gamecube has been dead. I have it and I have Xbox, there is just no comparison. I always liked Nintendo, but if they dont have enormous sucess on their next counsil, they're over.

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Old 04-27-2004, 10:55 PM   #3 (permalink)
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well gamecube was never alive .... xbox and ps2 are still up and runnning

but i think ps2 will outlast all

i mean they still make ps1 games....!!!
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Old 04-28-2004, 12:09 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Originally posted by paintballer
Gamecube has been dead. I have it and I have Xbox, there is just no comparison. I always liked Nintendo, but if they dont have enormous sucess on their next counsil, they're over.
Ya, I agree.

If their next console doesnt do much, there just isnt much hope for them IMO.

Even though they are developing that new portable dual-screen thing, I dont even think that will sell good enough to keep them going strong.

As for consoles, they are probably already screwed anyways, as for portable gaming systems, they are going pretty strong, but how many "hardcore" portable gamers are there actually ??

The last time there were "hardcore" portable gamers was back in the good ole' Pokemon era, but since then, they have all faded away in good ole' glory.
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Old 04-28-2004, 12:10 AM   #5 (permalink)
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Originally posted by guess123
well gamecube was never alive .... xbox and ps2 are still up and runnning

but i think ps2 will outlast all

i mean they still make ps1 games....!!!
Yea, I definetely find that amazing about the PS1.

There are still lots of games that are being sold for it.....and WAY more than how many N64 games are still being sold.

Not to mention there are some "rare" (i guess they are rare) games for PS1 that are great and that I would like to have such as the RPG Maker and Fighter Maker.
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Old 05-02-2004, 07:23 PM   #6 (permalink)
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First off, the PS systems have hade there share of faults and the fact is in terms of shere system power and ability the PS2 is currently the weakest (I have all three systems plus Dreamcast and Saturn for collector games and emulation). The Cube is facing the problem that XBOX is facing, development and the fact that they are picky. But Nintendo started it and I highly doubt they will fade away. The last office statement I heard at work (GameStop) was that they are doing well and the next system is not only coming out but coming out sometime this year I believe (Which explains the price drops, which might I remind you all systems are dropping in price). I think that Nintendo is unchallenged in the portable arena and hard core gaming is not really something you see on a portable but I am happy with all the RPG's that have made there way to it esp when you consider the amount out for the XBOX. Also with games like Metroid Prime 2 on the horizon and Halo 2 for the XBOX (Which not to mention with XBOX Live has all the power you will ever need) PS2 may have the market now but Rockstar has already started making games for the XBOX and will continue to unless I have missed that article. So I think it has just been a time where;

a) Nintendo is preping for the next system
b) Game makers have been held back by contracts with Sony.

Also maybe it is just me but lately games have been getting to the point that they just are not that interesting anymore. It seems more to me like idea's for new games are falling short. There have been a lot of game flops on every system lately. Maybe thats just the way I feel but I am a huge mega man fan and I am awaiting the collection to come out but other than that I have not been excited about anything coming out. I have given up on getting excited for Halo 2 because its just to iffy on a release time and as for Metroid Prime 2, yes I am ready for it but I really want to see something new and groundbreaking that just blows things away. Ninja Gaiden for the XBOX is great, it was a hell of a lot more than I expected esp after seeing Shinobi. I must say that it has made me believe in hard core gaming again. It took me awhile to get used to it and the game does not make guys all that easy at first. I reallly enjoy it but other than that I can't say that anything except my XBOX ha given me anything to say hell yeah about lately. (And FFXI was not something to be happy about on the PS2 in my opinon, esp when you consider how long Sony held out on the US again. I refused to buy it on the PS2 and play it on my laptop.)

Anyway back to the Cube. I do agree that as of late they have not ben pushing much of anything worth getting and I am still upset at the way they have taken Zelda. Everyone tells me it is good but I can not get over the way it looks. All the character art you see in the SNES book and then the 2 zelda's for the N64 and now link looks like some anime f**k up. Nintendo I think has learned some lessons and with the new system coming out I think we can hope to expect something good to happen.....or yes they may fall but again I doubt they will go the route Sega did (although I heard rumors of a new sega system...not sure I buy it but hey anthing can happen). I think that Nintendo will do well this next go around, they have made it through the PS and PS2 game rights hold backs. The Cube has already gotten a FF game back on the system and Capcom is showing them plenty of atten with the resident evils (Although after what the creator said I am not surprised, yet I would like to know if he went back on his word and created for the PS2 again) and Mega Man's. I think that with the backing from Capcom, Nintendo's game making staff (Everyone still remembers Metroid, Zelda and Mario and while they have released some dumb mario games sunhine was a good game...its just the parties and other games that leave me shaking my head in wonder...) I think we can expect to see Nintendo sticking around for awhile longer.

Also the one thing we are not thinking about is Nintendo is making a lot of browne points with parents and younger (11-kids for games) It is those of us who demand games that are not...well...pokemon like that are asking the death question. I can tell you that for younger kids the Cube is the system parents like most and that very young 3-6 year olds love t play because it makes games for there level and they feel like they know quite a bit about the gaming. I again will say though that I hope they learn from the mistake of inoring the older gamers and start giving us the games we would like to see as well.
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While rockstar may be starting to make games for the xbox... its GTA franchise is still on a contract with sony that makes each new game exclusive to ps2 for a year (just as gta3 and VC were). There are a few other companies in similar contracts with sony, which is why ps2 is often said to have the best games... this is putting a strangle hold on the GC and even on the XBOX is some respects, though the XBOX has somethings keeping it afloat, dvd playing ability (which GC doesnt), some of its own exclusive games, etc... so unless nintendo buck up their ideas and quit trying to be different (mini dvds, cartridges etc) then they are signing their own death warrent as far as home gaming consoles are concerned.

In the portable market however, nintendo are king, theydominate the market and dont seem to be going anywhere soon... that is until you see the upcoming released of the PSP (Playstation portable or something like that), the games and graphics of this system make the GBA laughable, so unfortunatly nintendo could find themselves being crushed in a market they have owned for years...

while all of this looks certain i have to say it is a shame, i had a nes, a gameboy and a supernes and I loved those systems... they have held on to the market for so long it would be a shame to see them dissapear ala sega!

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