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Default Screenshot Tutorial

This is a guide or tutorial for all of those out there that wonder how to take a proper screenshot but don’t know how.

So you have an image on your screen that you want to take a screenshot of. Not a problem. There are 2 sets of options. I will go with the first type that will work with just about any OS out there. Some names may vary for Linux or Mac users but it should still apply close to what i am saying.


So with the image on your screen there is a button on your keyboard called the Print Screen button. Most likely it reads PrtScn when you see it on your keyboard. Most desktop PC’s will have this just to the right of the Function keys (Also called the F Series Keys). It is placed right next to the F12 key. To the right of that is the Scroll Lock or ScrLk key. The PrtScn is directly above the Insert and Delete buttons.

Hit this once to take a screen shot of your desktop as it sits at that time. *Note* if you use dual monitors, it will take a screen shot of both monitors. This will save the image to your Clip Board. Now just open up your favorite image processing program such as Paint, Paint.NET, GIMP, Photoshop among many others out there. Once you get the program open hit Ctrl + V to paste the contents of your Clip Board to the open image document.

Another option if you do not wish to take a screen shot of your whole entire desktop is to use the built in method to take a screen shot of just the active Window. This is done by holding down the Alt key when you press the PrtScn key. This will take a screen shot of the last active Window or the current active Window.

Now save the image. Windows users click Alt + F to open the file menus to find this. Not sure on OS X how this is done. Sorry folks. This will direct you to save the image to a location of your choice. Now all you must do is upload it. This can be done 1 of 2 ways as well. So let me explain step 2 on how to take a screen shot before i talk about that.


This process is directed toward Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. It can also be done by users who use the software SnagIt on Windows XP. There is also a program called WinSnap in which you can choose an area upon which you want to take a screen shot of.

Now for Vista/Win7 users there is a tool located on your Start Menu. It is called the Snipping Tool. Just click it and let it load. When it does it will give you a pair of scissors as your icon and you just click and drag to the desired size. It is pretty simple really. Then just click the image of a floppy disk to save the image just like listed above.

WinSnap in action:

Snipping Tool in action:

This is what you will first see when you open the Snipping Tool.

This is what you see when you have selected your area that you want to capture and are trying to save the capture.


Now this can also be done 1 of 2 ways. The first way is fully dependent on the site in use. Some sites, or forums, have their own method on how to attach an image or file to your post for others to see and download. Ask on the site to see how it is done there. The 2nd method is simple. Go to any one of the following sites:





This is just a few sites out there that have free image hosting. Some sites you can create an account and upload and keep track of your images, while others you have this option but it is not mandatory. Just select the site of choice, click the upload button. From there you will get a pop up screen asking you to use the Windows Explorer Window to browse your PC to find the image you want to share. Just navigate to the image or screen shot you just saved. Click Ok. It should then upload for you to their site.

After it uploads, which for some sites might require you to click a Go button or something along that sort as it allows you to upload multiple images at once, you will see a screen that gives you many options. Dont worry most of them you dont need. The one you do want or need would be the one that says [IMG] Code or Forums or IMG Code for Forums and Message Boards. Any one of these is the option you want. At least to upload to a Forum or Message Board.

Copy that to your clip board with Ctrl + C and in your message use Ctrl + V to paste it in. When you click submit, your image will show up. Viola you have successfully uploaded a screen shot to a forum or message board.

This part of the guide was created by iFargle. All credit goes to him for the screen shots and information was provided by him for use with this Tutorial.

Here's the Mac OS one. As far as I know it's applicable from Mac OS 10.4 (most likely earlier.. 10.4 was my first Mac) all the way up to 10.7.

You can use an application called "Grab", located in your Applications -> Utilities folder.

Once grab is opened, you have four choices (under the Capture menu):

Selection (Shift-Command-A)
Window (Shift-Command-W)
Screen (Command-Z)
Timed Screen (Shift-Command-Z)

For a timed screenshot, this window pops up and counts down both visually and audibly, beeping at time intervals.

Another way to take screenshots is through keyboard shortcuts. To see what yours are mapped to, open up System Preferences, open up Keyboard, and select Keyboard Shortcuts.

The default system shortcuts are as follows:

Save screenshot as a file (Shift-Command-3)
Copy screenshot to clipboard (Control-Shift-Command-3)
Save selected screenshot as file (Shift-Command-4)
Copy selected screen to clipboard (Control-Shift-Command-4)

All screenshots not saved to the clipboard save to your desktop. If you save it to the clipboard, you can paste it into an application like Preview and select File -> New From Clipboard (Command-N) and save it from there.

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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

Very nice guide Mak, I remember wanting to take screenshots when I was first getting into computer but couldn't figure out how... If only this guide was around back then.

To anyone using OS X, to take a screen shot of the entire screen press "Command+Shift+3" if you would rather select a part of the screen press "Command+Shift+4" unlike with windows the screenshot will be saved to your desktop. You can also press "Command+Shift+U" and open "Grab" this allows you to take more advanced screenshots.

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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

Thank You Mak, I'm sure this guide is going to be a great help for our new members
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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

Yes, thanks for that info.

This is really going to benefit alot of people. I know I was very interested in knowing how to do this a few years ago.

I have had alot of people ask me about how to post screenshots and what format to save them to and so forth.

I always look for how to guides posted on the internet, on all kinds of subjects.

This is a great thing to have on the site and may even attract more new members......great info.
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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

Great for users who need it.
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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

Microsoft Word 2010 has the option built in to take a screenshot of just one window at a time and insert it into the document. You go to the insert tab on the ribbon and just click screenshot. Little thumbnails of all running programs appear,you click one, and its in the document.

Very useful.
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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

While it is useful for documents, it doesnt help getting them posted to the internet. You cant upload the document and have that linked as your image. You would have to upload the whole document and then have that person download it, then open it to view it. If they dont have Office 2007 or Office 2010 then they might not be able to use the .docx format so you have to then redo the whole thing and save it in .doc format.

Overall, it is far simpler to save it as an image format and upload it to an image hosting service to share directly than to have people download documents.
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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

i always just pasted the screenshot in paint. once u hit prntscreen it copies to the clipboard.
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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

Originally Posted by sudden0utburst View Post
i always just pasted the screenshot in paint. once u hit prntscreen it copies to the clipboard.
Yes which is noted right under the first picture. But it also doesnt help those that have multiple monitors. So if they only want to take a screen shot of 1 screen or the current open window, this is how.
I do not accept support questions via EMail, PM, IM or my G+ page!

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Default Re: Screenshot Tutorial

Since this thread is back up... Why not add Linux and Mac OS tutorials to it? From experience, all you gotta do in Linux (Ubuntu.. haven't tried in other variants) is hit prtscrn and it opens up a dialogue that will let you rename the file and say where to paste it to...

In Mac OS you have to push some key combination, like.. cmd-shift-3 or cmd-alt-3 or something.. I forgot how exactly, and my macbook is in my backpack in the other room

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