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Default How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen / LCD Panel

How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen / LCD Panel

Warning: Attempt this at your own risk. I am not responsible if you mess things up and your laptop shorts out or your cat leaves you for the neighbor with the better food or your girl just wants to be friends. If you are not comfortable working with small wires and screws and pieces, please do not attempt this; it will drive you mad.

That being said, if you have an hour to spare and some patience, this is an extremely easy project. It looks daunting but I promise almost anyone can do it. Itís just like playing with Legos.

First, gather your supplies. You will need:
  • 1) A well-lit and clean desk or table
    2) Tiny screwdrivers, Philips and flathead
    3) A few plastic bags or cups to put the microscopic screws in
    4) Some tunes! How can you work when itís quiet? I chose The Glitch Mob, it seemed fitting
    5) Friend to keep you company (optional but highly recommended)

And of course your replacement screen. I got mine from and it arrived in less than a week from Canada during the week of Christmas. Pretty awesome service. They have a really wide selection and great prices as well. My laptop is an older model (Asus F6 series) so it took some searching to find the screen. If you canít find the screen by searching for your model number, keep reading because Iíll show you how to find the right one. The first thing you want to do is remove all power sources, so take out your battery and unplug the AC adapter. Safety first, there are millions of extremely fun ways to get hurt and getting shocked is not one of them. Also you donít want to damage your brand new equipment So go ahead and eat that packet of silica gel and let the fun begin.

ready to roll!

We need to remove the plastic structure surrounding your screen, called the bezel. First take your flathead screwdriver and pry off those rubber screw covers. Put them in a Ziploc and seal it, you donít want to lose them or your laptop will look ghetto like mine. Now use the Philips screwdriver and remove the screws around the bezel. Put those screws in a separate bag. Your laptop will likely have multiple sizes of screws so make sure to keep them separated. If youíre forgetful like me you should probably label the bags. Now take your flathead and carefully pry away the front bezel. The plastic is pretty thin and you donít want to stress it too much and break it. It will come off, just be gentle. If one part is not coming off, start from the opposite side and work your way around.

Now that the front bezel is off, letís remove the rear part so we can access the wires. Same deal here but the screws might be a different size so keep them separate just in case.

If you had trouble finding your replacement screen here is what you do: Use your camera and take a picture of these stickers. Somewhere on them is going to be the model number of the LCD panel. Just type that in and you will be able to find your replacement screen easily.

Now that all the plastic is out of the way, you want to unplug everything. The thick cable is for the screen, the little one coming off it is for the webcam, the one in the top left is for the speakers, and the one to the right of that is for the backlight, which plugs into the inverter (I think). I unplugged them all but it wasnít actually necessary to unplug the speakers, and plugging them back in is a pain so make sure you look at it instead of mindlessly pulling at things like I did . You can actually see where the damaged crystals are by looking at the screen at an angle, kind of cool if you ask me.

Now place your cloth or mousepad on the keyboard and lay the screen down on it. Remove the screws on each side holding the screen to its frame and replace the old screen with the new one.

Plug in the wires (easier said than done) and screw the new screen into the frame. Letís plug in the AC adapter now and test to make sure everythingís hooked up correctly.

Everything looks good here so letís go ahead and put the bezel back on and screw everything back in. Make sure not to pinch or expose any wires and make sure the hinges close and open unobstructed.

Good as new! Now give your friend/roommate something delicious for helping you out, clean up your work area, and put the screwdrivers back in the right spot so you can find them the next time you need them. Commence dancing. Or whatever.
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