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oCourageMods 12-02-2016 02:28 PM

Ok, so, I've got the choice between a Blue Yeti, or a AT2020 USB. Now, I want to carry on YouTube, and just really call in Skype. What would be the best one for this? Thanks for any replies :)

iParanormalx 12-02-2016 03:28 PM

Re: Microphone?
FYI both of those options are condenser microphones which, because of their higher sensitivity, have a higher quality sound but can pickup a lot of background noise. Without a noise gate or a compressor you may get some undesired effects. Additionally, the sensitivity of condenser microphones drastically increase the volume of high frequency sounds - one of the most troublesome is the sound the letter S makes. Because of this it is advised, when using a condenser mic, to use whats known as a "De-esser" which lowers the volume of the sound that S makes to not kill peoples ears with the squelch lol.

An alternative would be a Dynamic microphone. They are lower sensitivity which reduce unwanted background noise when on a skype call or when recording for Youtube. But because they're low sensitivity they also don't capture as much detail in sound. Also they're not as sensitive to moisture and are more durable and easier to take care of.

I would recommend doing some casual research and weighing the two options for yourself. There are advantages and drawbacks to each type. If you have a quiet location to record then a condinser could work really well.

I've been using a Shure SM-58 for years and the quality comes out quite well. Have a listen to one of my youtube videos:

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