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Default CPU Watercooling Setup Help?

Now that I know the amount of tax return money I will receive, I plan on buying a setup, finally.

CPU: core i7, 1366 socket
Case: HAF 932
PSU: 1200W

Petra's Tech Shop doesn't seem to be getting into stock, and I don't think it would matter for what seems to be a $10 difference or so.

CPU Waterblock:
Petra's Tech Shop

Pump/Reservoir Combo:
XSPC Laing DDC Reservoir Pump Attachment w/ MCP-350/355 (No Fittings) - FrozenCPU.com

New top for the pump?:
XSPC - Laing DDC Top
[The above Pump/Reservoir combo looks like it already has it attached, but I can't tell.]

[Add in a Swiftech MCB-120™ "Radbox" - Black for external mounting]

Radiator Fans:
[I know there is four, but an extra incase something breaks.]

Cooling Solution:
I plan to pick up some Distilled water locally, and add some of this?
[At least that is what I've been told is better than coolant.]

I also need help with any other excessories (such as tubing) that I would be needing, as well as any of the barbs, etc. I plan on just cooling the CPU for now, but might add on to my graphics card, northbridge/southbridge later.

I am trying to copy this setup from Petra's Tech Shop, but they seem to not be restocking. Maybe I am just being impatient, but if anyone has information on that, let me know. Here's what I'm trying to copy.



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Default Re: CPU Watercooling Setup Help?

Looks like you are on the right track.

Order the MCR 320 from here,

Swiftech MCR320-QP Quiet Power 3X120mm - Black

Saves you $15.

You wont need the pump top if you get the MCP355 with the res top. Order just the pump from here,

Newegg.com - Swiftech MCP355 12 VDC Pump - Water Cooling

and the res top here, to save some money.

XSPC - Acrylic Reservoir for Laing DDC

With the money saved you can get this little better block,

Swiftech Apogee XT Extreme Performance CPU waterblock

And now for tubing,

TYGON® B-44-4X Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing - 1/2in. ID 5/8in. OD - AAA00036

I love this stuff, sure it's clear but it does not fade or gum up as easily other tubing.


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Default Re: CPU Watercooling Setup Help?

You can get it all at one place to cut down on shipping, and its kind of a hassle to order from lots of places.

Don't get those fans though. They suck. I have some and they are horrible on rads... I'd pick up some yate loons.

Quoted from another thread I posted in:
Originally Posted by Burn View Post
Pump: DDC3.2/Swiftech MCP355 - $65.95
Swiftech MCP355 12v DC Pump

Pump Top: XSPC Reservoir Top (Currently out of stock; a lot of places are for some reason...) - $39.95
XSPC Acrylic Reservoir for Laing DDC

CPU Block: Swiftech Apogee XT - $79.95
Swiftech Apogee XT CPU Waterblock

Radiator: Swiftech MCR-320 - $48.95
Swiftech MCR320-QP Quiet Power 3X120mm - Black

Tubing: I like 1/2" ID (Inner Diameter) 3/4" OD (Outer Diameter)
Clear: Durelene PVC tubing 1/2in. ID x 3/4in. OD by Saint-Gobain - $.69 (Out of stock)
Colored: Feser Tube - FT - Active UV Hose - ID 1/2" - UV BLUE - $2.95
Feser Tube - FT - Active UV Hose - ID 1/2" - UV BLACK - $2.95
Feser Tube - FT - Active UV Hose - ID 1/2" - UV WHITE - $2.95
You want about 15 feet, that way you have extra if you ever want to add/redo your loop. -Price varies depending on what you get, but I'll say ~$40

CLAMPS: ALWAYS USE CLAMPS. Personal Preference as to which ones; I use zip ties, some like worm drive, others like herbie clamps...
Worm Drive: Breeze Miniature Hose Clamp 7/16 in. to 25/32 in. $.39
Herbie: Herbie Clip® Nylon Hose Clamp Size H - Black (out of stock...) $.25 (out of stock...)
I always like to buy extra. Price varies b/w how many you will get, I'll estimate $5

Barbs: ALWAYS make sure the barb's ID matches up with your tubing ID. If they don't, it won't work... Barbs are also personal preference. However I like these:
Bitspower G 1/4in. Silver Shining Fitting for 1/2in. Tubing #BP-WTP-C01 - $2.50 each
I always like to buy extra barbs too, just in case I ever need them... ~$25

All that is about $305 + Shipping
As far as Petra's, they are in the process of moving and from the rumors I have seen XS (only a rumor, could be completely wrong) is that they have been bought out by another place. The owner Alex is supposed to be explaining it all pretty soon, just not sure when
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Default Re: CPU Watercooling Setup Help?

Thanks for the quick posts, and very helpful!

Swiftech MCP355 12v DC Pump

XSPC Acrylic Reservoir for Laing DDC

CPU Block
Swiftech Apogee XT CPU Waterblock

Swiftech MCR320-QP Quiet Power 3X120mm - Black

Fans [x3]
YATE LOON 120mm Case Fan - D12SM-12 - Medium Speed

Tubing [15 ft]
Feser Tube - FT - Active UV Hose - ID 1/2" - UV BLACK

Clamps [15 of them?]
Breeze Miniature Hose Clamp 7/16 in. to 25/32 in.

Barbs - I'm not sure how many barbs I need, and I don't know much about them either. It looks like the CPU Waterblock already comes with some, but of course I'd probably need more.

Coolant - Distilled water +
Petra's Tech Shop

Total (w/o shipping or Barbs): $297.49

EDIT: Burn, seeing as you have the HAF 932 aswell, should I pick up one of these for external mounting? Or is it not required?
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