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djg320 01-17-2007 08:31 PM

Your average temperatures, and number of fans.
Hey all, just want to do a little comparisons here.

So, of the two temperature sensors here in my dell, my GPU (nVidia 6200) and SATA (don't have any idea why Dell wouldn't set up a readable CPU temp. sensor, morons.) They both average about the same thing, 37-39 C Idle. I haven't check everything under load, although. I have two fans on the PSU, my HSF (all 80 mm I believe), and a PCI exhauster that I bought after I got my graph. card.

So, what's everyone elses Idle and under-load temps? How many fans do you have?

I use everest to check my temps and whatnot, the only other thing that I can think of right now is Speed Fan, for those of you who do not have a program.

And please, for my sanity and most others, give your readings in Celsius. :D

Also, I'm looking to get the AeroGate II cooling system or something of the sorts. Anyone had experiences with these and dell computers, and if it'll work with controlling a PCI exhauster fan that plugs directly into the PSU?

talldude123 01-17-2007 08:38 PM

Temp: 35 degrees for system, 40 degrees for the CPU.

Running a PSU and processor fan, so 2 in total.

psp_crazy1 01-17-2007 08:40 PM

ii have 2 side fans, 120mm and 80mm (wait, then i have anothr 80mm fan behind the side fan, so 3 on side), cpu fan, one blowing behind pci (i had it in chassis, but its so LOUD that its unbearable, i have to blast rammstein to ignore it ._.) then thats it.... so, 6 fans including gpu&cpu.oops, one in my psu so 7.


with +.35 volt mod and +.3 in bios, my x1600pro idles around 35~40, GIGABYTE DS3 Northbridge around 25~30, intel p4 3ghz @ 3.51 ghz idles about 30, and WD SATA 3.0GB/s idles around 30.

Pepsiboy700 01-17-2007 09:07 PM

Cpu idles at 27C and maxes at 44C. Video card idles at 41C and maxes at 58C.

savagenator 01-17-2007 09:12 PM

1 160mm in back, 6 80mm all over the place

temp in case: room temperature idle, 33C under load

GPU: 46 idle, 68 load

CPU: room temp +7 idle, 45 load

Shumway 01-17-2007 09:44 PM

Cpu: idle - 32*c / load - 39*c (3000+ @ 2.6Ghz)
Gpu: idle - 50*c / load - 85*c (6800GS @ 390/1170)
Fan's: Freezer 64 pro (cpu) and 2x 120mm's top and front plus 80mm on psu,And for my vid a zalman vf-700.

SYL\X/3K 01-17-2007 10:15 PM

CPU: Idle 28-30c,
full load 30-35c
Fans: 2 on my PSU,+ 1 on cpu,+ 1 on gpu,+ 2 on my case (side/back)= 6 fans

SYL\X/3K 01-18-2007 09:26 PM

just found out how much my card runs at using ATI Tray tools:

ATI Radeon X1300pro ;
full load- 55.3

CrazeD 01-18-2007 09:52 PM

At 2.4GHz, I had like 36*C idle, and around 44*C full-load.

Video card is 40*C idle board/45*C idle GPU, and around 45*C load board/70*C load GPU (at 445/545) with Zalman Vf900,

Exhaust: 1x120mm rear, 1x80mm top, 1x92mm right side panel

Intake: 2x80mm left side panel, 1x80mm front

RalliArt882 01-18-2007 10:21 PM

27C idle on e6600/zalman/as5 stock speed
50C on sapphire x1950PRO 256mb stock speed

CPU fan, GPU fan, side intake fan, rear exhaust fan, PSU fan

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