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Question Where to start...hm

Let me start off by saying, i have never had the grapes to overclock anything. Ive been a bit scetchy over the whole issue, no matter what component of the computer.

First off, my Video card, a 6600GT, run at a ridiculous temp of 55C Idle. As of tommorow that will be fixed though. My Zalman ZM80D should arrive early tommorow morning. Now, weather or not that will help my temp situation alot im not sure, only people with exp can tell me that. So, if i install the Zalman ZM80D will i be able to OC my video card higher then what its set at now? as it says in my sig i OC'd it a tiny bit and got some better results but then i quickly put it back to normal because i was a bit nervous of frying something or other (yea yea i know)

Second, my CPU runs at about 35-38C Idle as of right now. Ive been eyeing a Zalman heatsink for some time now, the one everyone recommends (dont got the name right now). i may order it depending on my research. my question is, what is the purpose of OCing the CPU? obviously performance, but in what aspect? everything?

And lastely, is the CPU and Vid card the only components you can OC? cant you OC your RAM too?


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The purpose of OCing is for performance and bragging rights. You will get better performance in gaming, applications, etc.

You can OC your CPU and vid card. By increasing your FSB frequency of your CPU, you also OC your ram. Your processor has its mulitplier locked, so you cant leave the FSB frequency and increase your CPU frequency by adjusting the muliplier.

Right now you should have a multiplier of x15. That will stay the same. Your FSB frequency is 200MHz. Therefore if you bump your FSB to 210MHz (for example) your new CPU frequency will be 3.15GHz.

Now that your FSB frequency is 210MHz, if you have memory that can run at that speed, it will, otherwise, it might end up running slower than 200MHz speed.


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Well 55 degrees celcius for an 6600 GT is normal. You can OC it dependong how much that new heatsink helps. The same heatsink will have different results on different peoples systems. Thats because we all have different cooling and cases.

Im guessing your talking about the Zalman 7700 cpu heatsink? Should work great. I suggest getting the cpu heatsink first, along with OC your cpu first.
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well i got my gfx card overclocked pretty high at least i think it is hows 4450/900 up from 400/800 this is on an eVGA 5600ultra if that makes any difference ill poost my temps on it in a bit after i get it warmed up.
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Lasrix, your CPU temp is good, that's not bad at all, but you didn't put what your load temp is. A good load temp is 50C...once it starts climbing towards 60C either get better cooling or don't OC.

You should be able to hit atleast 560/1100 if not higher on the core with that better cooling. Don't worry about frying anything, you keep it cool then everything is good, and as long as there isn't artifacts you are good to go
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