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Charbo 10-25-2005 05:51 AM

Watercooling My Case.
So with christmas sneaking up here soon, i should finally be able to get watercooling for my stacker. i was thinking of getting a maze 4 acetel gpu cooler , a copper tdx cpu cooler , a d5 pump , res , and then i had 2 choices on radiators but i dunno which to do. i could get a triple 120 rad, OR get a dual 120 rad AND a single 120 rad for the back. either way the triple or dual will be mounted on the floor of the case, the pump either in front of the rad or on the back or top of the case, and the rad probly in the top drive bay. would a single pump be enought for a triple/dual+single rad setup, or would i need 2? and also which rad setup would work better?

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