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Default Water Cooling of Course

Hey Im new to the boards so I'll just throw out my specs so people know what I have before I go into an explanation of what Im looking for.

AMD 3200+
MSI K7N2 Delta Board
120 Western Dig Drive
52X Light on it CD-R Rewrite.
Nvideo Geforce FX 5900
Round cables

Ok right now I got a huge heatsink on the board. Thermaltake I think that is it. anywase my board is reading well into the 60C marks. This is just the number come off the motherboard reading. Ive heard that you cant relly too much on it but it gives me somewhat of a picture of how hot the comp is running. Im not overclocking the 3200 by anymeans in fact only lately I turned it up too 400 FSB to support a video game. Either way I blew the computer out for dust but it still doesnt get the temp down to what I would like it to be.

My question is this is anyone on here using Water cooling?
If so what kind and do you feel it is safe?
Also is there any good place I can go to get a good watercooling sytem sites/names anything to help me out.
at the moment I think Im going to lower the clock speed to 133fsb and swap out the board into my parents computer which i will be building. I can get a 3200+ 64 Bit chip and an brand new Asus board for like 175 bucks. So thats a pretty good deal I think but I feel I might need to go with watercooling if I keep having heating issues. One thing I did think of is that the room Im in is quit dry and that may be the cause (putting a humidifier in I hear will help increase cooling). friends at work say "there is no use for watercooling unless you like no noise at all", at the moment it is pretty darn noisy with this huge heatsink so I think watercooling should be my next step if anything. Just thought I could get some thoughts from you guys thanks.


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are you wanting external or internal...?

I'd try newegg.com or xoxide.com or frozencpu.com those all should have kits both internal and external. Interal is a bit more difficult to install while the external are a bit more friendly. Just my thoughts..

My System Specs:
Raidmax Scorpio 868 with 420w psu
Intel Pentium-4 Processor 3.0ghz CPU
512K Cache, 800MHz FSB, Hyper Threading Ready
Cooler Master Jet 4
Albatron PX865PE PRO II i865PE Chipset
512 MB Dual Channel [256MB X2] DDR-400 PC3200
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro @ 438/243
Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit advanced HD
Maxtor 120 GB - 7200 RPM
Seagate 80 GB - 7200 RPM
16x DVD 52X32X52 cd-rw
Cooler Master Musketeer System Controller
Logitech MX Duo
Rock Chalk Jayhawk
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Water cooling is as safe as you make it, if you take your time setting it up, it is fine. I have to say that by building your own system, you will get far better results than with any kit, (though the Swiftech H2O 22501 kit is the best of the ‘kits’). It comes down to how much money you want to spend on it, and how much you want to mod your case. For the price of the Swiftech kits, you can build yourself a better system.

DangerDen can be considered as the best providers of water cooling parts, (except their pumps, the Swiftech MCP600 is the best pump).

A good water cooling system is ~

Pump ~ Swiftech MCP600
CPU waterblock ~ DangerDen RBX/Maze4 or Swiftech MCW5002
GPU block ~ DangerDen Maze4
Northbridge block ~ DangerDen Maze4
Radiator ~ Hardware Labs BlackIce Xtreme 2
Tubing ~ Tygon 3603, 12.5mm I/D 20mm O/D
Reservoir ~ I made my own from a plastic bottle and two fittings

On the list above, I went for the Swiftech CPU block, as it has a far better flow rate, and very nearly equal performance to the DD. The RBX is the best performer on the list, and the Maze4 is compatible with peltiers, should you ever get the urge to try them.

Temps are 30/31 at idle, 34/35 at full load @ 21 degree ambient.

Places to go for the bits are www.overclock.co.uk for the rad and pump www.over-clock.co.uk for the rest.

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