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hednik you may have hit as far as this processor will overclock. sometimes though they just need a lot more voltage to stabilise but i would reccomend just keeping it where is rather than trying to supply that voltage if this is the case.

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Originally posted by hednik
I am currently running at 2.64 ghz at a voltage of 1.408 right now. the ram is clocked at 196 right now and currently stable at 2.75 i ran prime95 and got a error saying "Error: rounding was .5 expected less than .4" I clocked it down on my htt and voltage up one step. From what i am reading with your posts haha maybe im not doing something right? I have ran it at 230 with a multiplier X9 and it has worked work well. From what I have been told the rpocessor shouldn't be that OC friendly so Im a little confused that maybe im doing something wrong. Im running on stock colling but i ditched the fans from the cases. I got 2 pretty nice antec 80mm variable speed fans (better cooling) and a 120mm fan in the back. The cables are all bundled up quite nicely. If you need anymore info ill be happy to provide. Oh btw the temp at 2.75 never got above 41 with prime95, got any suggests between the Zalman and Thermaltake CPU fans around 40$? I dont really want to take my mobo out and rebundled the system
Nice voltages there, but I think you might be able to move you ram voltage down a little bit. I had my cheap ram running with 2.8V and it gave me the same error after about 7 minutes or so. The ram is not running at stock speeds at the moment so there is no need to increase the DIMM voltage. Personally I like to keep the multiplier at the highest it can go. If you get new cooling, taking out the mothervoard is a must. Unless your getting a crappy aftermarket hs/f.


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I went ahead and got the all copper HS/Fan from Zalman. I really didnt want to rebundle all the cables. Im glad I did because this time around I got them more out of the way. Ill try to lower the voltage on the RaM and see what I can do. My goaal is to try to get it to 2.75ghz stable and then see how it goes form there. I think it possible because my voltage is still very low and with crappy colling it never got over 36c load. Ill keep you all updated. I will prove that the 3500+ will overclock well

btw the voltage is at 2.6 right now
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This processor is a manchester core btw, most of the processor is see thatare 3500+ are Venice core's. Is there a dirfference?

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