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Default Re: Thermal Paste question

I am with slay, depends on the paste, some the thicker ones, you have to spread it first, or use several smaller than normal dots all over. I never had to spread AS5 though, a grain of rice always spread out evenly on my IHS. But, when working with exposed die, it is highly recommended to ALWAYS spread your self as the entire surface of that generates heat, and must be covered, can't risk letting the past spread on its own.

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Default Re: Thermal Paste question

I put the thermal paste on today. I used the spread technique.. i will only know how it went when i have to remove the heatsink =)

Thanks for the help everyone

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Default Re: Thermal Paste question

Originally Posted by _SomeOne_ View Post
I just received my thermal paste and im not 100% sure how to apply it.

Last time i just put a pea size blob on the middle of the processor and then put my heatsink on.
My brother just put some on yesterday but he used a card to spread it out (thin layer)

Iv looked on the Internet and they say never spread it out.. and some say spread it out.. so i was just wondering what you guys do?

IF you did not get any Instructions from the Manufacturer that is a bad sign.

These are fairly good Instructions:
Originally Posted by Yami View Post
There's various ways of applying it, and they're all fine basically.
There's the pea-sized blob method, where you use the heatsink to press it out.
There's the card-spreading method, where you press it out yourself.
There's the multiple-little-blobs method, which is like the pea-sized blob one but more diffuse - used to make sure you get the edges as well.

I prefer to use the third one - that guarantees there'll be no gaps, which there might be if you're not perfect with the card-spreading method, and you're more likely to get the whole area (no uncovered edges).
Following the Manufacturer's Instructions is usually a good idea, assuming it was a good idea to buy their Product.

Originally Posted by _SomeOne_ View Post
A lot of Manufacturers make that claim, none claim their product is crap.

Originally Posted by _SomeOne_ View Post
I put the thermal paste on today. I used the spread technique.. i will only know how it went when i have to remove the heatsink =)

Thanks for the help everyone
  • Try applying it the way you think you should, as best you can.
  • Check using a Utility to ensure your Processor does not overheat.
  • Allow some warm up (and cool down) time.
  • Now remove your Processor and look to see how good a job you did. Is it thin and even ?
► The basic idea is to apply it evenly to the entire surface (so it will work) as thinly as possible (so it is not an insulator).

► Based on Tuniq's Chart I'd guess they use (a lot of) Silver:

► Is Silver electrically conductive ? - What happens if some pumps out and hits your Motherboard ?

► Will your CPU Manufacturer Warranty the use of electrically conductive Thermal Compounds - NO, obviously!

► Check this out: , now what can you buy that is (nearly) the most thermally conductive - is it Silver, Gold - no, not even close! How about Diamond ?

► What can you buy for $10, Answer: 92+% micronized diamond particles

Reviews by many users at Tom's they (6 Pages, hundreds of People) can't all be wrong; they report more than 5' over anything else.

  • Graphite Compounds are the best (self-applied) Thermal Compound.
  • IC Diamond is not the only Brand of Diamond-based Thermal Compound.
  • Google for something else if you wish.

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