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Old 12-08-2004, 12:55 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default There is a god... i must be dreameling :D

i came home today determined to try anything else i could to get my RAM to work... i cleared the cmos and tried to boot, but it wouldnt... so i cleared it again, took my RAM out and put it back in let it sit for an hour off... then came back and turned it on one more time, no beeps... then the screen jumped to life and my system posted for the first time in DAYS, i Hadn't fried my RAM it was actually fine all this time just playing i practical joke i guess... i immediately jumped it back up to 200mhz on its 166 timings, and then tested the RAM for 6 hours... no errors at all, so i put it back up to 213... and its running like a dream,

so in celebration of not having to buy some more RAM i went out and bought one of the new lithium-ion dremel tools with 280+ different attachments and i plan on putting in a blowhole and some cooling for my motherboard and graphics... then a handle to carry this monstrosity to LAN parties... today is definitely looking good.


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thats odd, why do computers do that? i put in my graphics card and no picture would come up. i tried everything. Until i unplugged it picked it up took it to another monitor, with still no luck, but when i tried it again on the original monitor it worked fine.

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i like your sig, ive actually got one of those old processors that is 6-7 inches wide... i keep it as a sentimental reminder of where we were , it had the wierdest heatsink on it too, big wide dissipators, i was thinking of finding some place to mount it in my computer.... but off topic im sorry, and i wish it woulda just worked from the beginning iwas truly pissed these past 2 days and thinking about how i might not be able to get the graphics card i wanted..

The World is my trashcan and i intend to fill it...
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im seriously considering throwing the rig out the window...ive tried everything to get it to post and it just wont do it!

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lol congrats leonidas. I definitely know how that feels. You were there when I coulda sworn I killed my 2400+ XP-M trying to hit 2.8GHz I've had things like that happen before though. Computers are fickle like that. I just helped put in a new mobo, vid card, and some RAM for a friend, and the computer didn't post right away. I figured it was his 1GHz duron being too old for the NF7-S2G board, so we switched out processors, same thing. Pulled out the video card and put it back in and it posted....then for whatever reason on a fresh format windows got completely screwed up in the beginning =/
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LOL yes that is quite odd. My dad gave me his Riva TNT2 card because it ran HORRIBLY on his setup. Screen was all garbled and it shook alot. I popped it into my AGP slot and it works fine. Some computer parts are just silly.

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