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aj2003 05-28-2005 04:59 PM

stabilising at over 2000fsb
im busy getting the highest overclock i can from my setup. its currently at 2.57gig and my HT multiplier is set at 4 ie 4x 257= 1028. double that and im 2056mhz. now when i go upto 260 i hang in games, but apart from that im stable.

ive had my cpu upto 2.8gig with no problems but that was at a ratio with my memory so i know that is ok with the 1.5Vs going through it atm. Would changing the nforce voltage or the memory voltage help at all? concidering my memory voltage is already 2.7 and the bios is telling me any higher and its going into the red :confused:

is there anyway i can stablise it so i can go higher?

my temps are fine so i dont see why cant go higher. i mean cpu at 35, is perfectly fine to go high :D

any ideas welcome

Nubius 05-28-2005 05:22 PM

You don't want your HTT to go beyond 2000 dude, it does nothing but cause trouble and doesn't offer any more performance.

That is a very thorough AMD64 OC'ing guide that will probably be able to answer all your questions

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