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Default Some Questions...

I am building a computer, the first time i have built one, and it would be cool if someone here could answer some of my questions. I don't wanna have my like 500$ go to waste. Here are my questions:

1. I got a fan with my pentium 4 processor, and it either does not fit or i'm an idiot and cant figure out how to install it. Anyone know of a website perhaps that has instrustions on installing cpu fans? Next the the proccesor spot, there are there things, ike cyllinder shaped, real close to it( sorry i don't know the name of them}. They seem to be getting in the way. Also, no matter what direction i install the fan in, it just does not seem to clamp in right. BTW, The proccesor is a Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz 533 mhz FSB, and the fan came w/ the proccesor.

2. I purchased a Cdrw/DVD rom recently, and connected everything just as the instructions directed me, but the is another wire included w/ the cd drive, an audio cable, the instructions call it. I have looked through the manual and all over my motherboard and i have been unable to find this audio cable connector. It appears it needs a connector w/ 3 prongs, but like 2 of them next to each other, a space, then the next one. The cd drive is from the company rosewill.

3. I have to purchase fans for my computer, one for the front, 1 for the back, but i'm not sure which one to buy, there are sooo freakin many. Has anyone gotten a particular case fan that cooled their computer nicely? Also, would fand that connect in a pci slot be of any use, or just be a waste of money. Does anyone have any reccomendations on any other cooling products besides water cooling (I am not planning to overclock).

4. I bought a HDD that has a EIDE connector because it was a good price. I completely forgot my motherboard supports only SATA 100/133, so my question is, will it perhaps work anyway. If not, is there some sort of EIDE to SATA convertor available to buy somewhere?

TY for any advice. After starting this computer building thing i kinda realized that it's just far more complicated than i expected.

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1. Ok, ummm, first of all, what socket is your processor and motherboard? They both should be the same like 478 for you processor so your motherboard whould match that. Second, if these "cylinder" things are on your motherboard, then I think those are transistors (don't ask me what they do), and you can't move 'em unless you want a busted motherboard, which I'm SURE you don't want, right? Thirdly, if the fan came with the CPU, then it should fit, either your not doing something right, or it's broken somewhere.
2. Ummm, that "audio cable" you mention...oh blast, I just forgot where that goes, but I think it goes to either the sound card or the motherboard somewhere...I'm not sure exactly.
3. Hmmmm...can't help you here. My case came with fans, so I'm just gonna use them and see how they go. Sorry.
4. Someone else, I think of who, told me about this (was it you compy?), and now I can't!!!!

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1. Sometimes you have to force it to clamp into place, It may not sound right but ive had to really put some force into getting those damned HSF to clamp on.

2. I think its different for all motherboards, on my motherboards its in between the PCI slots. It has to be on there dude, maybe you need to look a bit harder.

3. Fans that connect into the PCI slots are called VGA Coolers, they help keep your cards nic and cool, and can usually lower case Temps to.

4. Cant help you there buddy, sorry
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1. sounds like u bought a retail cpu and they come with manuals theyre actually pretty good check it out if u havent
2 yea i no that cable its gonna be on the mobo look at the manual it should have it listed.
3 the main things u wanna look at is cfm and noise anything below 30db is quiet and the higher the cfm the better
4 im not sure but thats highly unlikely considering its ide thats 100/133 look at the connectores if theyre big long rectangles theyre ide if they smaller rectangels theyre sata

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guys wat is SASA and EIDE. i noe it dumb qiestion but i dunno.
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FYI those cylinder things are capacitors. transistors are small black boxes that have 3 connectors that come out of them, a transistor works like a switch or faucet for electricity. A capacitor stores a certain amount of electricity for a certain time then releases it.

That was totally off topic but I just thought u guys should know.

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Well, Huh! I never knew what capacitors and transistors did.
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Okay dude here goes.
1. The HSF you have should fit in your motherboard without hitting those capacitors, seeing as p4 motherboards usually keep a nice amount of space around the socket as to accomodate those big p4 fans. Sounds like you might have some other kind of problem, IE wrong mobo.
2. All motherboards come equiped with a audio cable connector, if you're using onboard sound. If you're using a sound card however, you will find the 3 pronged connecter on it.
3. You can find some cheap 120mm fans to go on the back just above the pci slots or you can get pci slot coolers as well. Most cases can also accomodate one or more fans up front at the bottom, depending on what kind of case you have, you'll have to make that decision.
4. There are converters especially for this application, and you can find them HERE If you dont want to go that route, you can always purchase a IDE PCI controller card and connect them that way.

Hope that helps.
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when i connected the IDE cable to the Mobo, it did fit, bit i just was unsure of compatibility. that converter someone mentioned would work? or at least most likely.

for the audio cable i have looked quite often. ill check again. and i will also try and cxonnect the fan.

btw, my mobo and case and power supply came in a barebones set. I is Its a soyo motherboard P4 based.

o and can i perhaps start up the computer w/ out all the stuff connected just to configure the bios?

ty for all the responses.
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yo Musjunk22 how do you get the pic of halo on your signature? it looks hot.

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