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Default Re: Should I bother with AM cooling?

Originally Posted by Niverive View Post
Does this stuff smell in its first week? I came in my room after going out for about an hour and I walk in and it smells bad, I can't describe the smell, there's nothing different in this room cept that new fan with the MX-2.
it doesn't for me... I don't think I can even smell it with my face up in it lol

are you sure you didn't leave some food lying around?

EX: Man I'm tired, I'll take a break from installing the heatsink, let me just put down my sandwich (onto the GFX card), ahh ok brb


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Default Re: Should I bother with AM cooling?

Not sure what it smells like but I'm pretty sure it isn't sulfar, smells kinda greasy don't really know haven't smelled anything like it before. But my computer won't boot windows anymore, now it'll only run in safe mode idk what's goin on.

Man this stuff stinks, idk if its sulfar or what but ****. Please tell me everything is gonna be ok lol

Thing is though I had this new HSF for almost 2 days before I started smelling this crap, I know its from the computer cause it only starts smelling when I turn it on.

When my computer was running correctly Core Temp told me the hottest my CPU got was 45 C under load.
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Default Re: Should I bother with AM cooling?

Did you just use the thermal paste that was on the heatsink or did you use something different?

My Freezer 64 kind of gave off a funny smell too when it was breaking in with the stock paste.
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Default Re: Should I bother with AM cooling?

I use a 5600+ OC'd to 3GHz and a ZALMAN 9500 aftermarket cooler

stays mid 30's under load

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Default Re: Should I bother with AM cooling?

can you describe step by step what you did when you installed the heatsink?

and did you put thermal paste on it? if so, how much? or did it come with a thermal "pad"?

is the fan plugged in? any thermal paste residue on anything besides the top of the cpu, and the bottom of the heatsink? are all fans functional?

and the new heatsink should be blowing air towards the back of the case, with the back fan exhausting air. the top fan is also called a "blowhole" and is intended to exhaust, but i havent really noticed that much of a difference in making it an intake. just remember the principle: heat rises: so have intakes at the bottom/front and exhauts at top/back. side panels are also usually best with the fans set up to intake, as it blows cool outside air directly on to the motherboard and its components.

here is the optimal airflow for a computer case (i drew it lol)

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Default Re: Should I bother with AM cooling?

Ignore this, I didn't read the entire thread before posting.

Originally Posted by ricanflow View Post
Get this: - ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler - Retail

56C is way too hot, im at 3.0ghz 24\7 and dont see anything above 53C on load.
I have the exact same thing and its "half-decent". I used some AS5 with it and it is now maxing out at 50C under full load. I am also overclocked to 3.01GHz at stock voltages (not like its hard to get that extra 200MHz). I thought my temps were high but apparently its normal.

You should be fine with the stock cooler if you don't OC.

The only issue with that cooler is that it is tall, so if you have a slide out MB tray you will have to remove the cooler to slide it out.

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