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Question ?'s about cooling AND oc'ing

Iv'e recently built my first system and it's performing beyond my expectations. It is running very smooth and even with my crappy geforce 5600 256mb video card it runs most popular/newer games flawless even when set on high graphical settings. I owe it to my new xp 3200+ with 512mb of ddr400 dual channel ram.

I have a few concerns, my first and second concern came about when I was running HWDOCTOR, a system monitoring program that was bundled in with my mobo. It states Case temp, CPU temp, system fan speeds, and all the voltages.

#1 concern: While stressing my CPU with SETI@Home HWDOCTOR gave me a brief warning after warning, sometimes the warning would stay on my screen for up to ten seconds. It stated that the -12v thing has went under -13v *it is set to its low limit of 13v* it only goes under like maybe to -13.05 or -13.10. Other than running HWDOCTOR, I havn't ran into any problems relating with the -12v thing. I have a 400w PSU, but it is a very cheap one, it came with my case and my case was under 50 bucks. I came to the conclusion that this is probably the problem but before I spend 70 bucks on another PSU I rather make sure with someone on these boards.

#2 concern: Of course, like everyone, I'm worred about CPU temps. Unfortunatly, I can't find any good 3200+ temp info anywhere. All I see is people with 2500+ to 2800+ oc'd to over 2.2, and I'm not sure that even tough the 3200+ also runs at 2.2 if it produces the same amount of heat, in fact I doubt it. But all these people with oc'd 2.2 chips were saying they had idle temps of 30-32 and load temps of 42-45C. My true barton 3200+ idles at 36-38 and loads at 50-52 *highest I have seen so far is 52.5* I wouldnt expect 36 to be a high idle temp so I'm more worried about the Load temp, is this normal? Iv'e done some thinking and due to the fact we have central air in our home my room temp only rises a few degrees during summer so i wont have to worry about it ever going over 53. Will running it at 53 while im playing half life 2 everyday for hours straight have an effect on the life span of the chip? TRUST ME, I applied the silver stuff as good as it can get. Paper thin layer on cpu and I rubbed a tiny bit into the HS
to fill any tiny scratches i dont see.

My last 2 concerns are short to explain, I just need to know if a gig of ram is necessary when Im not planning on any multi tasking, only directx 9 video games. I think 512mb of ram this fast can support half life 2 no prob just because of the speed of data going in and out rather than how much data it can hold.

And NO, im not planning on playing half life 2 with my crappy 5600, Im definatly ordering a radeon 9800 pro as soon as I get informitive replies from all of you which leads to my last concern *finally huh?* You think my stock 400w PSU can handle the radeon 9800 pro on top of CD Rom, A Drive, 1 HD and mobo? *only answer this question if I don't already need a new PSU due to my volt probs with my CPU*

and for anyone who just read all that, thanks for putting up with it

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Heh... dont even worry about it. I very much prefer reading thru a long post that includes all your questions than multiple posts (like some people recently...). Anywho-

#1) *shrug* You seem to have it right. Poor voltages are nothing uncommon from a cheap *** PSU. You can find another 400W PSU for ~$50.

#2) *shrug again* They certainly arent ideal... but theyre not abnormal. Whats the cooling like in your case? As in- whats your HSF, how many fans, even what type of case would help. I have a barton 3200+ as well that runs at a max of 45C so Im sure we can figure somethin out.

#3) 512 is plenty. Sure a gig of ram may make things a bit easier on your PC but you wouldnt notice a difference at all. Others will try to say Im wrong there, but dont listen. If gaming is all youre doing- 512 is plenty.

#4) A 400W should be able to handle that setup fine.

System specs? Lets just get down to it people:

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After all that much of typing ..u just forgot to mention the make/modelof the mobo ..

#1... Before u go ahead n' change ur PSU .. check the power consumpsion of ur system .. Powersupply Calculator
BAsed on this u can decide ..on the kind of PSU u need

#2.. As far i see ..ur CPU temps are pretty much normal ..nothing to worry about .. This is pretty much normal ..
N' if still worries you ..then just buy a new HS ..like the a Vantec or Coolermaster (though i still think... u don't need it right away)

#3 ... 512MB should be more than sufficient ...n' i don't see much differance in the performance between 512 n' 1024...

For ur last one .. refer to reply #1 ...

That was quite a list...... wasn't it ?

Sharpnill .... U posted all that by time i finshed typin' ...that ws fast dude ... N' yes .. i agree 'bout the multiple posts thing
Screenshots of my Desktop.....Post ur\'s too :D

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Exactly what you guys said about multiple posting is why i type so much :-/

Anyways, your right, I did forget make of mobo lol... it's a biostar m7ncd. And another question, I cant seem to figure out if this mobo actually supports the dual ram I currently have installed. I know the Pro version of the same exact board supports it but i dont think the non-pro does.

And for case air flow... I currently have 1 fan on the side for intake and 1 fan under the PSU on the back for exaust. I have an extra fan, I was thinking taking the plastic off at the bottom of the case to open up airways to two pre-made cut spaces for two fans. Then I was gonna take the side fan and my extra fan and put them as intake on the front, I've seen set ups similar to this and they worked good, should I do this? I'd just end up plugging the side hole with a piece of cardboard or something. The there would still be the PSU and the one fan in the back for exaust. I have the aerocool golden crown cpu HS and fan, it saya it support 2600+ and up, so I assumed that meant up to 3200+ atleast. But then i sat back and thought what if that cooler came out before the 3200+, and they didnt mean for anyone with a 3200 to get it. If this is the case, I'm gonna buy a thermaltake.

Unfortunatly, the website I bought my case from must have sold out every case just like it because It's not posted on their website anymore. That's probably why I got it so cheap,they had it on clearance.

Thanks for info guys!
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