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Default QX6700 oc'ing help

I've got a QX6700 and I have been overclocking it, quite successfully IMO, but I was just wondering if it is better to have a higher multiplier or FSB, or both, or what? The QX6700 has an unlocked multiplier so I can do whatever with it.

Right now I've got it stable at 3.3 GHz with FSB @1100 and my HZ's running 1:1. I am using the EVGA 680i SLI AR.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to get higher results?

O ya, I'm on water so heat is not much of an issue.

Thanks alot.

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Default Re: QX6700 oc'ing help

You should be able to get a lot more out of it.. Raid the FSB to 1110, 1120, 1130 and so on until it becomes unstable. Also, what RAM do you have?

Your motherboard should be able to get up around 1800 or higher FSB, unless it's your RAM holding you back.

doh: I see it in your sig. Yeah, you definatly should be able to get tons more out of it. Your RAM is only running at 275MHz, where as it's rated for 400MHz. Drop your multiplier down, and increase your FSB until it becomes unstable. At that point, raise the vDIMM. If that doesn't solve the problem, then lower the vDIMM back down, and raise your NB's voltage a tad.
After that, then play with the CPU.

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Default Re: QX6700 oc'ing help

Oh, sorry, my sig is actually not up to date and is wrong, I'm just too lazy to change it, haha. I have 2GB of G.SKILL HZ's running at 1100 right now, 1:1 with FSB.

So I should up the FSB and lower the multiplier until it becomes unstable, and then up the vDIMM. If that doesn't work I lower the vDIMM, and raise the North Bridge voltage. Just making sure.

Thanks for your help, I'll let you know how it goes when I get to it. =)
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Default Re: QX6700 oc'ing help

disagree^^with viking...
your cpu stability is ALWAYS more important than the memory..."play" with your cpu first, then figure out your RAM.
drop you ram to its low divider to inhibit instability...then max your cpu.
as far as i know with intels...
your fsb is more important than your overall clock speed.
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Default Re: QX6700 oc'ing help

i'd be too scared to OC that baby, lol, sif it aint too fast already? yo ucan calc PI in like 2 mins... thats right, all of PI.

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Default Re: QX6700 oc'ing help

Check this Guide, see if theres anything you might have missed.
Core2Duo Overclocking Guide v1.1

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