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Default q6600 Overclock problem

Hey guys

My computer has a strange problem when overclocking my CPU
I haven't done much CPU overclocking before, hope you guys can help me out

I have a q6600 CPU, ASUS P5KPL motherboard, running windows xp pro sp3

I have noticed that when I overclock my CPU (through the BIOS), when I try to access the internet, web pages don't load, and google shows a 'HTTP Error 400 Bad request' message. Somehow the CPU is affecting my ethernet?

I was able to overclock the CPU 5% to 2.52 ghz, and the internet works.
Anything over and I get the same errors.

If there's any more information you need, just reply and I'll give it to you.
Im stuck and I have no idea why this would happen?

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Default Re: q6600 Overclock problem

anyone have any idea?

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Default Re: q6600 Overclock problem

overclocking ur cpu shouldn't have any effect on ur internet. whats ur vid of ur cpu(find it in coretemp it will say vid and what do u have ur voltage set to right now

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Default Re: q6600 Overclock problem

it just depends, there are so many variables when overclocking a computer that you have to test 1 item at a time

CPU multiplier
Hyperthreading link (not sure if this is only applicable with AMD cpus)
and your memory speed

for instance, if your CPU is 2000mhz stock, your multiplier is 10, and your ram is ddr400
you can bet your FSB is at 200mhz,

and if your overclocking by increasing the FSB , your going to reach a limit rather quickly, because the ram is going to act as an overclocking bottleneck

most ddr400 for instance, cant run well above 215mhz, Exceptional models run above 220, and the expensive overclocking ram somtimes doesnt even get to 225..

so if you overclock the FSB to 215, the ram is going to go up with it, and its going to reach the limit,
you can get around this by setting your ram at the next lowest setting (like ddr166 instead of ddr200 in this example)

this way, the ram would actually be running at 181mhz (ddr362), and your safe to raise the FSB up to the point where the ram hits its top rated speed.

in AMD cpus hyperthreading link is also included in this equation, and the same principle is applicable, just lower the multiplier of the HT link, and you can raise it more before you reach your overclock ceiling for that specific item

so write down all of the stock specs of your system in your next post, including Ram speed, FSB speed, CPU multiplier, and any other information you can think of that might be usefull

and i'll be here for a bit, i'll try to help if i can

but im having overclocking issues of my own=) i just had 2 windows installations corrupt, and i had to re-install it

(by the way, your issue sounds like your just pushing the FSB speed up to overclock, and your ram cant handle it)
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Default Re: q6600 Overclock problem

Hey guys, thanks for replying

At 2.4ghz (stock) FSB= 1066
at 2.52ghz (at this speed internet works, anything over and it stops working) FSB = 1124
at 2.7ghz (internet does not work) FSB = 1204

The VID is reported as 1.3250 in each case (is this possible, or have i recorded it wrong some how)

Motherboard is an ASUS P5KPL, says on the box it supports fsb 1333 (if that is relevant in any way)

I think it might be the RAM that is bottlenecking it...

2x1g Kingston pc 6400 800 mhz
Motherboard supports ram up to 800 mhz

How do I find the CPU Multiplier?

As I said I've done hardly any CPU overclocking before
Appreciate the help
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Default Re: q6600 Overclock problem

yeah its the ram most likely...

need to try to find a ram/cpu divider
its usually 1:1, but if your running 800/1066 its most likely 5/6 (im not good at math, so im not sure)
change it to a bigger divider (as in more distance between the two, so the ram runs at a slower speed)

then you'll be able to get that 2.7 ghz, and most likely push it to at LEAST 3.0ghz on air cooling, if not more..

but u gotta keep your temps in check, download coretemp, i like that one the best,

some people like speedfan (i dont trust it)
and read the readme before u use these, because some temp monitors use a little external circuit on the mobo to monitor temps, and its almost ALWAYS 10-15c lower than the actual value..

coretemp reads directly from the core

and a comfortable temperature is 60c MAX under load (although these cpus are going to probably work at 70-80c, i just dont feel comfortable running it that high. so try to keep it to 60c or lower)
(use prime95 for heating it up, like i suggested for stress test below.. it has an option to "test for heat" or something like this)

so to recap

increase the ram/cpu divider (this can be achieved by simply lowering the ram speed in bios to 667 or 533 instead of 800)

by the way, as to the guy that said "overclocking shouldnt effect internet"
it SHOULDNT =P, but unstable systems can cause all kinds of weird issues that you wouldnt commonly associate with overclocking

ask nos=P he knows all about it.... he's got a 1.6ghz overclock

oh, and once you achieve 2.7ghz

download prime95, and memtest

use them both for at LEAST an hour ,

they will let you know if its a stable overclock,
every time u bump it up (50-100mhz) u need to check these 2 programs for a bare minimum of 30 minutes to test it..

this way u can catch the errors before you burn something up
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Default Re: q6600 Overclock problem

hey thanks so much for the info...

Would there be any drawbacks from lowering my ram speed to 667?
Or does that only affect how the cpu overclocks?
I don't want to speed up my CPU and slow down my RAM, as i only have 2gb as it is...
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Default Re: q6600 Overclock problem

it slows it down but you're oc'ing it so depending on how low it goes you're really not loosing much if anything. so don't worry about it.

i have close to a 1.8ghz oc on my celley 430 1.8 stock to 3.5.

A notice to EVERYONE who has posted here with a computer problem, I highly encourage you to keep current with the forums, even if it's browsing for 10-15 minutes during lunch, or before you go to bed at night. There are many things that you can learn and apply to future issues. My goal is to help people get to a point where they can use their own knowledge to help themselves, and others.

Also please use the search button. You've got a 50/50 chance that someone's asked your question and we've answered it.
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