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Demalii 01-11-2004 03:51 AM

PSU wiring (Sleeving the wires)
I already did a few of the wires, but only on the male connectors of the wiring, there's a bunch of other connectors on there, and i don't know how to get them off to be able to sleeve the wires, like there's the wire for extra power to the board, which my board wouldn't use... and then 2 connectors for... something.. anyways, i have an Antec 550W truepower.. yada yada... anyways, if anyone has ideas on how to get them off, or something to buy to get them off like the universal molex pin remover... thanks all!

Bleep 01-11-2004 05:15 PM

This article may help with the prob's...

Demalii 01-12-2004 03:23 AM

yea i may search for that, as of now, i'll be ripping my pc apart tomorrow to repaste artic silver 5 on my core, overclocking a good 470mhz, and it's hitting almost 55C under load, seems odd to me, after that, i'll take another good look at the pins, perhaps i can figure something clever out, thanks!

Bleep 01-12-2004 04:22 PM


Originally posted by MicroBell
Did you consider automotive split loom? I used colored loom on mine (Requires no removal of the molex pins) and it looks pretty neat. You can even spray paint them (With reflective paint) which looks awsome with a lighted case (They kinda Glow). :)
LOL! I do the same thing. It actually looks nice in the case.

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