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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Title: Mini Worklog Update + New Features
Date: December 01, 2009
Status: Welcome to my workshop!

Brief: How's it going everyone! Work continues, and is going well. This is a mini update as I have just finished putting all the drive bays in, so all 18 5.25's drive bays, are now full again . It was going to go through a live update, but unfortunately takes alot of time and work, so I didn't finish it today. However the first update will go live this weekend, and the second will closely follow it. I have to say, everything came out perfect, the removable motherboard tray made things so much better. Still took forever to align everything though, I'll elaborate next update.

Though today's update features! My brand new Christmas presents. Yup, there goes my Christmas credit, but its very cool and something useful. I got a brand new toolbox, so I put in the tools I mostly use, except my soldering station, and fluids, (artic silver, etc) everything is practically in there. And it looks great to boot, so I was pretty happy with it, so decided to take three pictures. However this isn't just me sharing my cool new toolbox, this was a calculated test, for how chrome reacts to lightning conditions etc, which all of Sestren's fittings are based off, so there is a practical reason to doing this .

Also I am proud to announce a new feature coming soon to the worklog!


Video! Yup we are going Web 2.0 (lol) and will now have a video component, I have written the script, and scenes already, just need to shoot it, and figure out how to cut it. If you do video editing, please help haha! I have Adobe Premiere. But I also need your suggestions and what do you guys want to see? Do you want detailed explanations and video going in and out of the case? Do you want sleeving tutorials? etc.. etc.. I am still figuring out how I am going to do this, but it will be showing up in one of these future updates, and coming quite soon.

The Icon is even ready

Coming soon! To computer monitors near you! ( No clicking on it yet, not set up, but will be in one the next updates! )

Take care,

- PC1X1

Tool Box Review:

Description: Here's my brand new toolbox, its pretty big, and quite heavy. The thing is really sturdy which is a plus, though like I mentioned, its a bit hard to carry around. Quality is top notch, and I definitely recommend this company's quality. No idea on price, since I just got it as a early Christmas present, but I am very happy with it. Fit and Finish are top tier.

Description: Here's the profile view, there you can see the warning label, showing you that it is pretty heavy. The sliding trays are very smooth, and nice, also I like the fact I can lock all the tools inside as well. Can't steal them now, albeit you can steal the entire case X_X. Also comes with this foam backing in the bottom, that holds the tools in place, and protects them and the case from scratches. Very nice touch.

Description: Tada! Tools, hurray, this is all the basic things you need for modding and computer building. Of course, I still have three more tool boxes with crap, I used to build Sestren, as well as the actual power tools and their boxes, so everytime I work on this thing, its a party, the entire house is filled with various toolboxes with stuff! I am a big Do it yourself person, so I actually do anything I possibly can, so lots of crap. But I put most of the stuff I use constantly for computer building in here, and a small carry toolbox, with screwdrivers and stuff, so with those two I am ready for any computing challenge! I hope at least!

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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Title: Front Panel and Video Log 1 Update!
Date: December 05, 2009
Status: Tired, very very tired, but working to improve!

Brief: Hi everyone, today you can check out Sestren's fascia! Hurray, the front panel is on! Next update, the radiators are going back in, and a bit forward, water cooling and parts will start migrating to the bowels of the cube.

Today was the first time ever, I messed with video, so please pardon the production values, I will read and study it to get to par. But honestly I just wanted to make it work. I am aware of lots of things wrong with the video, but I think its mildly entertaining, at least a start. So please enjoy the first Sestren video log! More coming later.

Also notice in the front of the cube, how there are no gaps at all. That's my own little design, thats a mixture of sleeving, C molding, mounting tape, and solid wiring, that covers, all the gaps. As you guys know, not all devices fit perfectly, in the 5 1/4 bays, in fact, the Athena power bays, and the Zalman's fit pretty poorly, but with my tiny mod, it fits perfectly. Anyhow, be sure to suggest ideas, for the next video!

If your musician, and would like to contribute tracks, please let me know .

Thanks again!

Take care,

- PC1X1

Description: Front of the mighty cubicus!

Description: Top Profile view! Notice how aligned every single bay is! That's no mistake, I literally spend hours (no joke) aligning it to make sure it worked. On the mod to cover the gaps, I spent to hours making sure it lined up as well as possible.

Description: Another shot of the side, again notice how aligned everything is. Looks lovely.

Description: You can start seeing how the cables go from the front panels to the insides, of course they will be routed, and out of sight when parts start going in. That's going to be a big challenge on this project, making everything cohesively fit.

Description: Hail Cubicus! He looks like hes 50 ft tall. He also resembles an air conditioning unit, and I have been asked by a guest if hes a refrigerator. Heh!

Description: Hard drive bay galore!

Description: They are escaping!

Description: Hmmnn which one to pull first, notice this is the hot swap capability, coupled with my Areca card, its going to be a powerful server grade raid subsystem.

Description: He's coming for you!

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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Description: Flip to the other side!

Description: Whatever you do, don't look down!

Description: Cubicus has arrived!

Description: Shot of the inside with all the wiring.

Description: Close up shot of the inside, featuring you guessed it the wiring. Notice how the sleeving is coordinated, and even the contact points between the fan controller and wires are nicely done. Those parts will never be seen by anyone, but the details are there.

Description: Right on the outside again

Description: Going up!

Description: Ta ta for now shot!

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, today's content has been formatted from its original version, to fit on your computer screen! It's Sestren, its here! Its in Video!


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